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Chastine Hood

Chastine Hood

Chastine Hood Obituary
Dec. 1801 - Dec. 1896

Among those who passed away during the holidays was Chastine Hood,
known for years as the oldest man in the county and at the time of his death
was probably the oldest man in this part of the state. There is not a reliable
record of the time of his birth. According to his statement, he came from VA
to this county 74 years ago and, according to his recollections, he was then
age 23, which would make him age 97. Many people who knew him believed
he had crossed the century line before his death and some place the number of
years as high as 107. When he settled in this county his next door neighbor was
40 miles away. In his latter years he has been helpless, both in body and mind.
His daughter with whom he resided has watched over him and cared for him.

From the Crittenden County, KY Newspaper Abstracts 1896-1900, compiled by Brenda Joyce Jerome.
used with the permission of Brenda Joyce Jerome, CGRS
Western Kentucky Journal and Book List