This material provided by Brenda L. Underdown. BRANTLEY CEMETERY

This cemetery is located on the Barthel Crowell farm. In the Volume II edition of the Crittenden County Cemetery Book, it is listed under Farley Cemetery. But this is a mistake, the Farley Cemetery is on the farm that used to belong to Dallas and Mana Little in the Cave Springs neighborhood.

Re-recorded by Brenda Travis Underdown for corrections. Personel research in parentheses.

Guess, Enoch D. son of D. F. & M. R. 15-Aug-1867 10-May-1868
(Daniel Franklin and Mary Rebecca (Brantley), dau. of William & Mournen)

Thurman, Parthena Ann 08-July-1848 04-Mar-1867
(wife of Robert S. Thurman, and d/o Fielden & Mary Catherine (Walker) Brantley

Brantley, Fielden 09-Nov-1826 04-Sept-1903
(son of Wm. & Mournen Brantley)

Brantley, Mary C(atherine) (Walker) 08-May-1829 04-Jan-1915
(wife of Fielden, d/o Henry Walker & Ann Black)

Travis, infant sons of H(arvey) & Mary M. stillborn 25-Nov-1854

Brantley, Mournen (Morris), Consort of William 1797 11-Oct-1850

Brantley, William 1793 13-Jan-1863
(son of James)

Brantley, Salena Minerva (Crider) 04-Sept-1837 24-Oct-1855
(Married Thomas Brantley, dau. of Stephen and Sally Crider)

Crider, Stephen 08-Aug-1814 08-July-1858

Crider, Sally L., consort of Stephen 1817 25-Oct-1880
(Sally Livina Carolina Eliza Mahla, d/o Wm. & Mournen Brantley)

C. P. B. (handcarved rock) 18-Dec-1833 03-Feb-1871
(Caroline was married to Andy Jack Brantley, d/o Henry Walker & Anne Black)

Brantley, inf. son of F. & M.C. born and died 04-May-1863

Brantley, George W., son of W. F. & E. 1852 23-Jan-1860
(son of William Franklin & Elizabeth (White) Brantley

Travis, Mary M. Brantley 18-Jan-1821 07-Nov-1863
(dau. of Wm. & Mournen) and wife of James Harvey Travis)