Bells Mines Cemetery
Crittenden Co., Kentucky

From Marion, KY drive 8 miles to Highway 365 and turn left and go 6.7 miles
to Bells Mines Road on the left, go .6 miles to the cemetery on the right.
The Bells Mines Cumberland Church is no longer there,
the cemetery is to the right of the former location of this church.

Photos May 2008
by Bonnie Gass
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A view of the Bells Mines Cemetery
The trees in background is approximately where the church was located

Bells Mines Church Marker

Tudor, Wiley Mark
8 Jul 1876-31 Mar 1900 at Manila
(s/o John Evans & Mary Ann (Crowell) Tudor)
Tudor, Sarah C., wife of Wm. H. Tudor
(s/o John Evans & Mary Ann (Crowell) Tudor)
12 Jan 1825-24 May 1900

Gahagen, George W.[heatcroft]
21 Feb 1852-26 Jul 1907
(s/o Martin Lee and Elizabeth (Allen) Gahagen)
Gahagen, Isabelle C.[aroline], his wife
15 Sep 1855-11 Jul 1907
(d/o Maxwell Pope and Evaline (Shaw) Phillips)

Culley, George W.
22 Aug 1836-16 Feb 1904

Culley, John N.
15 Oct 1838-14 Oct 1915
Culley, Kate, his wife
19 Feb 1853-____

Dodds, Sue
wife of A.D. Dodds
4 Jan 1843-3 Ap 1878

Walker, Albert H.
1867-(5 Nov)1922
(s/o James I. & Mary Lavine (Crider) Walker)
Walker, Lillie M.[ay]
1878-(1 Jan) 1959
(d/o Joseph William & Mary (Williams) Hughes)

Vessel, John W.
Vessel, Bonnie L. 1912-____

Newcom, Margaret
wife of M.W. Newcom
1 Jul 1834-death date below ground

Green, Sarah
wife of Wm. S. Green
23 Jul 1809-12 Jun 1831

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