Baker-Phillips Cemetery
Crittenden Co., Ky.

Partial Listing

There are two sections, Phillips is in front of the church and Baker Cem. beside the church.

From Marion, KY drive on Highway 60 East 8 miles turn to Highway 365 on the left and go
1.8 miles to Baker Church, and the church and cemeteries are both located by this highway
on the left with the second section on Baker Hollow Road to the right of the church.
Photos May 2007
by Bonnie Gass

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Baker-Phillips Cemetery Explaination

View of Baker-Phillips Cemetery

Scott, James W. ‘Big Jim’
26 Dec 1931-15 Apr 1998

Witten, David Glenn
21 Feb-31 Oct 1951

Scott, John W.[esley]
10 Apr 1896-20 Apr 1986
Scott, Dovie M.[ay] (Jennings)
1896-(16 Mar) 1944

Arflack, Verna Jean

Arflack, Hubert G. 1918-(5 Feb.)1980
Md. 9 Aug 1944
Arflack, Mary A. 1928-____

Walker, Hubert Elbert
17 Oct 1920-5 Oct 1980

Walker, Clarence M.
PFC US Army Korea
6 Mar 1932-1 Feb 1981

Walker, Bobby S.
29 Aug 1937-3 Jan 1994
Walker, Betty S.
15 Sep 1942-____

Flint, Ryan Logan
born and died 25 Oct 1997


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