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Located off Highway 120 on the Towery Rd. about 2 miles, then across 2 fields in the edge of the
woods.  Recopied  1998 by Brenda Underdown for corrections, updates and additions. Her personnel
research is in parentheses.

Allen, Dreury	29-Nov-1817	11-Nov-1892

Allen, Margaret S., wife of  Drury	18-Aug-1820	12-Nov-1884

Allen, Margret S., dau. of  D. & M.S. Allen	30-Nov-1857	01-Aug-1882

Woodsides, Samuel J. Husband of Mary	14-Dec-1858	15-Sept-1878 (was married to Mary Tinnie Murry)

Woodsides, John B. son of P.H. & S. C.	22-May-1861	18-July-1862 (John Brent, son of Patrick H. &
Sarah C. (Prowell) Woodsides)

Woodsides, Larina A., dau. of P.H. & S. C.	Born & Died	05-Feb-1820 (dau. of Patrick H. and Sarah
(Prowell) Woodsides)

Woodsides, Mary M. F. dau. of P.H. & S. C.	07-Dec-1871	01-June-1873 (dau. of Patrick and Sarah
(Prowell) Woodsides)

Lemen, Sarah E. Consort of E(li). M.	08-Sept-1834	01-Nov-1861 (Sarah E. Logon,- Married
Crittenden Co. Sept. 22, 1859)

Several sunken spots

Clements, Granville Franklin	12-Nov-1808	31-Jan-1900

Wallingford, Mary E. (Clement), 	29-Feb-1843	20-Dec-1876 wife of Joseph , dau. of G. F. & M.S.

Clements, Margaret S.(Phillips) wife of G. F.	18-June-1811	12-Apr-1872

Clements, I. C.(rawford)	02-June-1834	26-Mar-1864 (son of Granville F. and Margaret (Phillips)

Ellis, James Clement, son of  J. & S. J.	04-Mar-1861	10-Dec-1863

Ellis, Sallie J. (Clements)	17-Dec-1837	13-Mar-1861 Wife of James Ellis, and Dau. of G.I. & M.S.

2 Sandstones

Clements, Robert Franklin, son of G.F. & M.S.	13-Feb-1836	04-July-1853 Phillips, Isabella
Caroline	06-June-1818	10-Jan-1833 (dau. of Robert & Isabella)

Phillips, Isabella (Lofton), Consort of Robert	08-Mar-1775	09-Sept-1852 (dau. of Samuel and
Sarah (?) Lofton)

Phillips, Robert T.	16-Apr-1774	17-Nov-1833

Phillips, Doctr C., (Robert Crawford)	05-June-1809	22-Aug-1840 Son of Robert & Caroline
(graduated from Medical college in Louisville, KY)

Lofton, Sarah, dau. of  S(amuel). & Sarah	31-May-1771	26-Aug-1851

Chandler, John A. 	(29-Feb-1844)	04-Dec-1912	Age 65 yrs.

Sandstone, believed to be Julia Ann Hodges, b.Nov. 1841 in Tenn., and died 18-Nov-1880, wife of John
A. Chandler.   (information from Wayne Boyd)

Hurley, Moses R.	18-Aug-1836	01-Oct-1841 Hurley, James R.	23-Jan-1806	28-Aug-1841

Birdwell, Mary E. (Phillips)	25-Aug-1813	16-Feb-1866 (Dau. of Robert  & Isabel (Lofton)
Phillips) (Eliza Mary Phillips married 1st to James R. Hurley,  Nov. 16, 1835 - Livingston Co. KY) (
Mary E. Hurley married 2nd Anthony Birdwell, Feb 10, 1846 - Crittenden Co. KY)

Phillips, Margaret C. (Celestena)	18-Aug-1853	15-Sept-1854 (dau. of Mack P. and  Evaline Shaw)

3 sandstones

Dean, Isam Gates, son of J.M. & I.C.	25-July-1875	21-May-1885 (son of Joseph Madison Dean and
Isabel Caroline (Clements), died from measles which developed into pneumonia)

Lamb, Mary A., dau. of Moses & M.A.	20-Apr-1864	05-May-1864 (dau. of Moses and Mary (Chandler)

Chandler, T. J.     CO E 48th Ill Infantry	(1832)	(4-June-1862) (Thomas Jefferson born 1832 in
Virginia, Wayne Boyd information)

Hardrick, Nancy	19-Oct-1784	29-Sept-1851 (grandmother of Nancy Jane (Chandler) Dean)

Porter, Nancy Jane (Chandler)	06-Apr-1824	02-May-1860  Consort of E.H. (wife of Edward Harvey

Last row in cemetery has 5 sunken spots.

Information from Joseph N. Dean Book:

Hodges, Sarah E. dau. of  Griffin and Martha (Bruce) Hodges died in childhood and is buried in Allen
graveyard. Hodges, Griffin, born 1814, died at his home near Sugar Grove in 1862. Hodges, Martha E.
(Bruce), born 1828 in TN., wife of Griffin, died about 1890. They are buried in S. E. part of Allen
graveyard. Hodges, Lucy (Dunn)  wife of Isac Bengamin Franklin Hodges, died about 1878.

Phillips, Samuel Lofton and wife Annie (Young) Phillips and their infants are buried in the Allen

Finis A. Lemen and Margaret (Dean) Lemen had 3 children died in infancy and were buried here.

Clement, twin infants of Granville and Margaret. b & d 1839.