Written by Jimmy Phillips
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A Gardner Reaps What He Sows

The flowers are blooming on this hot August day,
I enjoy their beauty and fragrance while the kids are at play.

Birds are singing in the trees and the sky is oh so blue,
itís a perfect day to be outside, one of my favorite things to do.

Ozzie our cat is asleep on the bench underneath the big oak tree,
That shade treeís been here for centuries at least two or three.

I have beautiful plants placed all around the yard for you to see,
When I look at how pretty they are I think, how wonderful God is to me!

He has given me a beautiful garden and home in which to live,
But my family I have within it, is the greatest thing he could ever give!

I love to work in my garden, I feel like Iím establishing my worth,
When I sit back and enjoy my efforts, I feel like itís heaven on earth!

Sometimes when I reminisce about the days gone by,
I think of all the blessings I have, man Iím one lucky guy.

I have no idea why Heavenly Father has been so good to me,
But I give it a lot thought when I sit underneath that big oak tree.

They say that a manís home is his castle, but I disagree,
My reward has been friends and family, Godís greatest gift to me!

My children are all grown now and Iím proud of each one,
They have always brought me joy and a whole lot of fun.

If I could go back in history in a time traveling machine,
I would not change a memory, not one single thing.

Yes gardening is my hobby and I love to make things grow,
But the best are friends and family, a man reaps what he sows!

       Jimmy Phillips