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This Crittenden County material is provided by Brenda Joyce Jerome , publisher of The Western Kentucky Journal.


                    1865 Crittenden Co, KY Militia List

The Militia in Kentucky dates back practically to the formation of the
Commonwealth. Originally, the militia was to provide safety from the
attack of Indians. Those eligible for the milita were men between the
ages of 18 and 45, but ministers, public officials, ferry keepers,
doctors, Quakers and various others were exempt from service. 

The militia was to muster periodically and practice defense tactics.
The earliest known muster field in what is today Crittenden Co was 
located before 1820 near the junction of U.S. 60 (Sturgis Road) 
and Flynn's Ferry Road and was known as "Calvert's Field."

In the 1840's the officers of the 123d Regiment of Kentucky Militia 
requested the absolution of the militia.

On 5 Mar 1860, an act for the re-organization of the Kentucky Militia 
[Home Guards] was passed. In 1862 an act of the Legislature provided 
for the drafting of the militia whenever necessary to raise troops for 
the use and defense of the state.

As Kentucky was technically a "neutral" state, the militia members
during the Civil War, were mainly Union men. Some members, however, 
did leave and join the Confederate Army.

The Militia Lists for Crittenden Co cover the years 1861-1876. Similiar
lists are available for Livingston and Caldwell counties.

                      1865 Crittenden Co, KY Militia List

Transcribed from "Militia Lists" in the Crittenden Co., KY County Clerk's
Office, Marion, KY. Names appear in same order as in book.
Adams, Wm. A.            Ashley, James            Aldredge, Andrew
Asher, R.L.              Allen, J.B.              Ashley, Birdine
Adams, L.S.              Aaron, Jas. H.           Adams, John Q.
Asbridge, Wm.            Asher, W.W.              Asher, Saml. M.
Agee, John               Ashley, J.W.             Akers, Thos.
Adams, J.W.              Armstrong, J.R.          Allison, J.M.
Allison, Wm. M.          Allen, John

Buckner, James H.        Barnes, Thos.            Babb, John
Bruce, Michael           Brown, L.L.              Baird, W.C.
Bugg, J.H.               Brown, Wm. K.            Bozwell, John
Butler, James            Butler, T.M.             Barker, Wm. L.
Bruce, L.H.C.            Beasley, Beverly         Baker, A.J.
Boaze, John D.           Brantley, W.J.           Boon, E.
Baker, W.H.              Brantley, L.D.           Bradley, Jas.
Brasher, J.W.            Brown, Justinian         Butler, C.W.
Bristow, Ira             Brantley, G.B.           Brantley, Fielding
Brantley, Wm. F.         Brantley, John F.        Brantley, A.J.
Brightman, Albert        Burton, John O.          Black, J.T.
Bell, John               Bishop, G.W.             Bennett, A.D.
Bates, Samuel            Bates, Reuben            Brantley, Matthew
Brantley, V.B.           Brooks, Jesse            Brooks, D.A.
Branham, James           Bettis, Jacob            Butler, F.D.
Bunton, Jesse            Brelsford, N.W.          Bozwell, Beverly
Belt, Wm.                Brewster, Saml. E.       Belmear, Thos.
Brown, W.W.              Brown, Handy P.          Butler, A.G.
Butler, Armstead         Boaze, Solomon           Bice, Wm.
Bennett, David           Boaze, G.L.              Burks, S.R.
Bennett, Wm. M.          Brown, A.                Bounds, Joel
Bigham, C.C.             Bourland, J.C.           Blue, J.W.
Black, J.E.              Bruce, W.J.              Bruff, James
Barnett, A.J.            Barnes, Wm.              Bell, C.S.
Bebout, I.M.             Briant, N.L.             Beavers, J.W.
Belt, Wm.                Beard, J.T.              Bennett, J.M.
Barrett, A.              Barbee?, John            Beard, H.F.
Butler, Jesse P.         Barnes, David            Barnes, Bennett
Barnes, Jas. H.          Barnes, Newsom           Bethel, Saml.
Belt, Lafayett           Bebout, John             Brantley, John
Brookshire, Thos.        Brookshire, D.W.         Bebout, Amon
Brown, Thos.             Belt, John W.            Belt, A.H. Jr.
Belt, Benjamin           Barger, John             Briant, Wm.
Belt, Asa                Barrett, L.F.            Barnes, B.W.
Bebout, M.J.             Butler, C.A.

Carner, James            Campbell, G.R.           Crider, Wm. B.
Cruce, G.W.              Crayne, J.J.             Crayne, J.M.
Crayne, John H.          Crayne, Marshall         Crider, A.D.
Crayne, B.T.             Conley, Wm.              Crayne, J.B.
Campbell, W.P.           Crider, Wm. B.           Crider, A.T.
Conger, W.J.             Chandler, Geo.           Crowell, Saml.
Chadwick, M.A.           Crouch, Thos. A.         Cruce, R.F.
Culland, J.              Cox, John L.             Canada, Seaborn
Carrick, S.G.            Clark, J.R.              Clark, Marion
Crowell, W.B.            Chandler, Wm.            Campbell, Wm.
Campbell, Ira            Cook, Wm.                Crowell, B.H.
Crowell, G.C.            Cain, I.N.               Conger, Isaac
Carr, Wm. H.             Cook, Lewis              Crisp, J.F.
Cochran, C.              Cook, J.W.               Clemons, W.L.
Clements, J.R.           Carrol, Thos.            Clement, I.N.
Conger, Isaac            Carnahan, W.B.           Chadwick, W.
Chadwic, John L.         Campbell, Danl. P.       Clement, P.H.
Campbell, Thos.          Clark, B.L.              Clark, W.S.
Carrick, John T.         Carrick, Saml.           Canada, Briant
Cardin, A.H.             Clement, F.M.            Conyers, Saml.
Conyers, Higdon          Clark, G.M.              Cassady, Joseph
Cassady, Saml.           Cassady, D.B.            Crow, W.H.
Cording, Frederick       Cobb, W.R.               Courtney, A.R.
Cook, L.E.               Conditt, H.J.            Crider, F.C.
Carrick, R.L.            Carrick, James           Conger, W.D.
Clark, Robt. S.          Condett, F.M.            Coffield, Robt.
Campbell, J.F.           Champion, J.B.           Clark, T.H.
Clark, G.B.              Clark, James D.          Clark, Geo.
Clark, F.P.              Clark, John              Clark, Wm. M.
Champion, Wesley         Carrick, S.J.            Clark, Robt. S.
Curnell, J.C.            Croft, F.H.              Campbell, Young
Cruce, Jas.              Clemons, J.N.            Cross, David
Corn, James              Champion, Wm.            Champion, Jas.
Champion, Alexr.         Cole, Thompson

Driver, Levi             Driver, Joseph           Driver, Azariah
Driver, Jas. L.          Deboe, Jas. M.           Dodds, John F.
Dollins, W.S.            Dowell, Robt. A.         Dean, Joseph M.
Deboe, Jesse             Deboe, Phillip           Deboe, Thos.
Deboe, Washington        Dempsey, Richd.          Dempsey, James
Dempsey, Wm.             Dempsey, Barnett         Dean, T.L.
Davenport, Andrew        Davenport, Wm.           Deniston, John
Durham, F.T.             Durham, R.S.             Doan, Archibald
Durham, A.N.             Daniel, J.A.             Duncan, Wm.
Duncan, Ichabod          Duvall, W.S.             Duvall, F.M.
Dycus, W.E.              Dawson, John M.          Dillingham, Jas.
Doss, R.N.               Dickerson, Thos. H.      Davis, C.M.
Dean, Alfred             Dillen, Jas.             Day, W.F.
Durham, J.W.             Duncan, J.A.             Dixon, Telford
Deal, Jas. A.            Daniel, E.A.             Doughtry, W.M.
Duncan, Leander          Davidson, John           Davis, Hannibal
Day, John                Dalton, John             Davidson, Archibald
Dean, J.E.               Davidson, Leroy          Davidson, Saml. A.
Davidson, B.F.

Easley, Elias            Edmonson, J.B.           Elder, H.L.
Elder, Thos. S.P.        Elder, G.W.              Estridge, Robt.
Ellington, D.J.

Farmer, M.L.             Ford, Presley            Flanary, D.A.
Farley, Wm.              Farley, Francis          Farley, L.Y.
Farley, John             Ford, Richd.             Fowler, Wm.
Fritts, J.J.             Franklin, E.E.           Fletcher, James
Fry, John                Felker, Isaac            Ford, John
Fowler, J.S.             Fritts, W.M.             French, Reuben
Fritts, C.C.             Franks, John             Fowler, W.H.
Flanary, Wm. T.          Flanary, P.M.            Foley, Geo.
Flanary, R.M.            Philip Fritts [sic]      Franks, J.B.
Fritts, L.H.             Franklin, E.B.           Franklin, S.H.
Franklin, W.H.           Fritts, Preston          Ferrell, Henry
Ferrell, Wm.             Fowler, R.E.             Fowler, Wm.
Fritts, H.E.             Farmer, W.C.             Farmer, H.C.
Fry, John

Green, John S.G.         Gass, J.N.               Graves, John P.
Graves, E.B.             Gilbert, P.M.            Gibbs, Wm. R.
Gilbert, H.C.            Greenlee, Jas.           Glenn, S.C.
Green, Briant            Gordon, J.F.             Graves, W.S.
Gilliam, Albert          Gilbert, John M.         Gass, R.P.
Gass, J.V.               Gill, J.J.               Gillfoil, John
Gustin, J.               Gaither, Wm.             Gaither, Bily or Bely
Gill, T.M.               Gass, Jasper             Gilbert, J.M.
Gill, J.B.               Gass, F.M.               Gaines, R.R.
Griffith, Thos.          Gillis, S.J.             Granderson, Chas.
Giles, C.H.              Griffith, A.F.           Gregory, John M.

Hill, John               Hunt, D.W.               Hunt, S.P.      
Hill, L.M.               Hill, E.F.               Hamby, F.E.
Helmanvotter, Joseph     Hughes, James            Hughes, J.J.
Hughey, I.N.             Hill, J.W.               Hodges, J.B.
Haynes, W.D.             Hughes, J.H.             Hughes, L.R.
Hughes, G.B.             Hughes, James            Hughes, John
Hughes, Richd. Jr        Hall, Julius             Hicklen, Benjn.
Hina, Joseph             Hardison, P.T.           Hill, W.
Hurst, J.A.              Hale, John W.            Harris, C.
Harris, John             Hodge, A.B.              Hall, G.W.
Harp, Wm.                Hall, D.M.               Hamond, G.G.
Hill, E.P.               Horton, Geo.             Hodge, S.
Hoover, Wm.              Hardy, J.B.              Hayden, Joel
Hardigan, James          Hull, Wm.                Howerton, Saml.
Howard, G.B.             Hodge, John A.           Hamby, Jesse P.
Hill, Wm.                Harp, Thos. J.           Harp, Geo. W.
Hill, R.C.               Hasler, H.               Hughes, Wm.
Hoover, J.G.             Haynes, R.F.             Hoover, H.D.
Herndon, Geo.            Harris, B.S.             Harris, Wm.
Holmes, Wm.              Howerton, Riley          Hall, Wm. J.
Harris, C.Y.             Henson, J.O.             Hughes, I.B.
Hughes, L.F.             Hall, W.M.               Haris, T.A.
Hall, R.J.               Henson, W.H.             Hardigan, D.C.
Holloman, Lewis          Hardesty, James          Hamond, Thos. A.
Hardesty, W.F.           Hardin, Amos             Hill, L.N.
Hayes, L.G.              Hudson, Wiley            Hitchcock, Zacharia
Howard, W.J.             Hulme, Wm.               Hayden, Wm.
Hitchcock, J.R.

Johnson, Wm.             Johnson, L.J.            Jenkins, W.C.
Jones, Geo.              Joyce, M.V.B.            Joyce, T.A.
Jacobs, W.A.             Jacobs, H.T.             James, John C.
James, B.S.              Jennings, John B.        J____, Joseph
Johnson, John            Jarrel, John             Joyce, Thos.
James, G.S.              Johnson, J.              Johnson, W.D.
Johnson, John T.         Jones, Calvin            Jones, Preston
James, L.H.              Jones, Elijah            Jones, Thos.
Jobes, J.H.              Johnson, Geo. W.         Jones, Isaac

Kemp, W.S.               Kemp, Joseph             Kemp, Henry
King, H.H.               King, J.M.               Kemp, T.A.
Kemp, Dempsey            Koon, Anthony            Kirk, John T.
Kirk, Joseph             Klapp, J.M.              Kirk, Jas.       
Kimsey, Augustus         Kimsey, I.W.             Kase, J.W.
Kirby, John              Krusbit[?], John

Loften, J.G.             Lynn, J.N.               Lizenbee, James 
Lynn, N.J.               Lucus, J.H.              Lear, Wm.
Lear, John M.            Linthicum, Wm. R.        Love, Jas. H.
Love, R.C.               Larrue, W.J.             Larrue, K.P.
Lynn, Thos.              Long, John               Larrue, R.J.
Larrue, Hickman          Love, Robt.              Little, Jas.
Lamb, John S.            Land, Joseph H.          Loften, W.C.
Lamb, James              Lamb, Moses              Lamb, Henry
Lowery, James            Loyd, Wm. P.             Lucus, R.C.
Lamb, Thos. N.           Lamb, John               Lamb, Chesley
Lamb, S.B.               Lamb, G.W.               Lucus, W.M.
Lowey, L.M.              Lamb, Jonathan L.        Lamb, James M.
Ladd, David              Leigh, H.L.              Long, H.P.
Lott, Wm. P.             Lott, T.A.               Long, John C.
Lewis, Richd.            Lynn, J.C.               

McCormick, Wm.           Marble, Eli              McDowell, Mason
McChesney, G.W.          McConnell, John N.       Marlow, Maben
Millikan, Wm.            Myers, Henry             McCluskey, Joseph
McDowell, J.L.           Maberry, J.W.            McClain, R.
Morris, Wm. H.           Morris, A.H.             McKee, A.J.
Martin, Wm. N.           Marble, Geo.             Moore, W.C.L.
Miller, W.J.             Mangen, John             McCollum, R.W.
McLean, Edwin D.         McLean, J.H.             McGray, Richd.
Marvel, Joseph           Moore, Wm.               McCluskey, John E.
McDowell, Jasper         Marvel, Stephen          Moore, Josephus
Matthews, Wm. H.         McKinney, James          McKinney, Wm. A.
Matthews, John           Millikan, Wm. B.         Meredith, James
Meredith, Thos.          Meredith, Brown          Millikan, Elihu
McBride, John            Morgan, Anderson         Moore, J.P.
Mayes, James             Minner, W.H.             Millikan, Sol
Marr, N.C.               Myers, H.D.              Moore, Jas.
Marshall, Ed             Miles, Richd.            Marvel, S.N.
McKinley, John           Marvel, E.R.             Moore, John       
Myers, W.D.              McClure, C.C.            Malcram, John
McCurley, John S.        McMican, J.B.            Moore, R.D.
Murphey, W.D.            Moore, G.N.              Moore, P.C.
Minner, J.A.             Minner, P.E.             Moore, Joel
Minner, W.H.             Minner, J.W.             Moore, John L.
Moore, J.A.              Moore, Jas. P.           Martin, J.C.
Martin, Wm.              Millikan, Jas.           Millikan, A.
McMurry, J.S.            Myrick, Jas.             Minner, R.A.

Neel, Thos. S.           Neel, Allen              Newcom, Joseph
Newcom, Wm.              Nunn, T.L.               Nunn, S.A.
Nelson, David            Nelson, James            Nelson, Wm.
Nelson, John             Nelson, Alexr.           Nunn, Saml. R.
Nelson, Joseph           Nelson, Montgomery       Nelson, John
Nelson, Saml.            Nation, Ephraim

Orr, J.W.                Orr, K.P.                Ordway, James
Ordway, Thos.            Oneal, A.T.              Obrian, John
Owens, Chas.             Oliver, John R.          Osburn, J.W.
Oneal, Washington
Porter, E.H.             Prowell, David            Parris, Jesse 
Parris, Lewis H.         Prowell, John             Phillips, W.E.
Parris, Jas. W.          Phillips, R.F.            Polk, Wm.
Pearce, J.A.             Pickens, Joseph           Patton, James
Parris, Josiah           Patterson, John           Pickering, J.F.
Parris, J.M.             Peyton, R.S.              Parris, J.L.
Peters, Wm.              Posey, Wm.                Phillips, Jasper
Pew, Thos.               Pollard, B.J.             Phillips, Robt. E.
Perkins, W.S.            Perkins, A.B.             Price, Loyd L.
Pickering, Carrol

Quary, W.M.              Rushing, John             Rushing, Willis
Rushing, Thos.           Rushing, A.E.             Rushing, B.M.
Reed, A.W.               Rice, P.H.                Rutherford, Stephen
Reid, H.S.               Roads, James              Rutherford, J.W.
Rogers, Joseph           Ransom, Danl.             Rushing, John T.
Rushing, Reuben          Rushing, Wm. H.           Renn, Wm.
Renn, Osburn             Robertson, Harvey         Riley, Daniel
Robertson, Wm. H.        Rogers, Geo.              Robertson, Geo.
Robertson, A.S.          Roberts, John             Riley, Andrew
Roberts, J.P.            Raglan, John              Riley, Reuben
Rickman, Wm. M.          Robertson, A.L.           Rightman, Wm.

Simpson, John M.         Simpson, Wm.              Simpson, Thos. V.
Stallions, A.P.          Sisk, Jas. F.             Swamer[?], E.G.
Sodon, Elwood            Smith, Franklin           Snider, Franklin
Stevens, A.P.            Shanks, T.                Sugg, Henderson
Sykes, Robt.             Slaton, John              Speer, Isaac
Stewart, J.H.            Stewart, W.J.             Smith, W.P.
Stevens, John            Shaw, W.B.                Stephenson, J.B.
Steele, Y.E.             Simpson, Thos.            Stevens, Peter C.
Samuels, James           Sharp, Anderson           Sullivan, Hamilton
Sullivan, David          Sarlls, J.A.              Scott, Absalom
Satterfield, Wm.         Slaton, Joshua            Shely, Lewis
Smith, Samuel            Sunderland, Albert        Sunderland, Madison
Sherrel, Richd. L.       Stublefield, Preston      Stephenson, Joseph
Summers, Miles           Sisco, P.M.               Swatzel, J.P.
Smith, Geo. L.           Stephenson, Joel          Stephenson, Jas. C.
Smith, Alford            Smith, Patrick            Stewart, W.W.
Stephens, P.H.           Sparkman, Wm.             Sisk, B.W.
Sanders, O.W.            Small, Wm. J.             Stanley, Isaac
Sheretts, John           Sheretts, James           Salyers, Wm.
Salyers, B.A.            Salyers, C.D.             Swancy, J.W.
Spurr, Elijah            Shoemaker, Peter          Shoemaker, John A.
Stallions, D.B.          Shoemaker, F.M.           Stone, Daniel
Stone, Henry             Spring, John              Sullivan, John
Stallions, E.A.          Stallions, John           Sullinger, J.P.
Scott, A.F.              Suttles, J.G.             Suttles, J.G.
Snider, John             Snider, Nathan            Sherrel, Wm.
Sisco, Wm.               Sherrell, J.P.            Shoemaker, J.H.
Siloan, Isaac            Sherer, Edward            Stewart, Wm.
Sullinger, S.S.          Sullinger, T.E.           Sullinger, W.J.

Tetherington, R.M.       Towery, G.H.              Towery, Edward
Talley, W.W.             Taylor, C.W.              Turley, I.N.
Turley, W.F.             Turley, Henry G.          Towery, Shelton M.
Travis, L.C.             Tuder, R.B.               Thomason, John
Thomas, R.N.             Thomason, Jas. A.         Turley, Sandford
Terrell, Eli             Travis, Jas. M.           Travis, W.N.
Tabor, B.A.              Thomas, John              Thurmond, W.R.
Tosh, John H.            Truett, John              Taylor, John W.
Taylor, Levi H.          Towery, R.C.              Travis, F.D.
Threlkeld, Layfayette    Tabor, Joel M.            Travis, W.L.
Tabor, P.H.              Tabor, J.W.               Thomas, Jesse
Threlkeld, L.A.          Tisdale, S.B.             Turner, A.D.
Thompson, James          Todd, R.W.                Thurmond, Robt. 
Towery, Geo.             Turner, Harrison          Thompson, I.N.
Thurmond, W.J.           Threlkeld, J.M.           Tyner, Henry
Terry, James T.          Terry, J.L.               Terry, G.A.
Thompson, James          Tribble, W.F.             Tucker, J.L.
Tucker, Dixon            Threlkeld, R.S.

Underwood, J.R.           Vincent, Lemuel           Vaughan, Wm.
Vaughan, Pleasant         Vaughan, Wm.              Vick, Henry
Vick, David

Woody, Elexr.             Willson, Jas. M.          Wilson, Jeremiah
Williams, Thomas          Williams, R.M.            Williams, Jas. M.
Willams, Wm. S.           Wood, Watson              Wright, Harrison
Wallace, Riley            Woodall, John             Woodall, Saml.
Webber, Peter             Wimbleduff, T.L.          Wilson, F.N.
Wheeler, I.L.             Williamson, Geo.          Williamson, Jas. A.
Welborn, T.F.             Wheeler, Robt.            Woodward, Jas. M.
Walker, W.H.              Wilson, Robartus T.       Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, Robt.             Wheeler, A.J.             Wood, Peter
Walker, James             Walker, Gardner           Walker, Daniel
Walker, James J.          Walker, H.M.              Walker, Robt.
Walker, Archibald         Walker, Allen             Wilson, Geo. P.
Wilkes, Stephen           Wheatcroft, James         Wilson, Wm.
Wallingford, Wm.          Wood, Francis             Williams, G.H.
Wood, R.H.                Wheeler, E.H.             Walker, Lewis
White, Wm.                Wheeler, Wm. H.           Wadlington, C.C.
Waddle, Robt.             Waddle, Wm.               Waddle, Anderson
Waddle, C.C.              Wray, A.M.                White, L.F.
Wilkinson, Geo.           Walker, Noah              Watson, W.W.
Waddle, Marshall          Wilson, T.W.              Webb, Jas. P.
Walker, J.H.              Woods, David              Williams, R.R.
Walker, R.N.              Wathen, J.P.              Winders, Richd.
Winders, Wm.              Witherspoon, Geo. L.      Witherspoon, A.R.
Worley, John D.           Worley, S.L.              Worley, R.C.
Wilson, John              Welden, Simpson           Williams, W.T.
Williams, J.B.            Williams, D.A.            Watson, Shemi
Wilson, John              Welden, S.P.              White, Jonas
Welden, S.B.              Welden, W.E.              Wallace, W.W.
Watson, Thos. H.          Wright, T.J.              Watson, Amos
Watson, Saml.             Watson, Geo.              Willams, W.G.
Williams, John A.B.       Wooley, Hiram             Wright, W.A.
Wilson, R.W.              Wilson, W.F.              

Young, Saml. C.           Yeakey, E.S.              Young, Thos. N.
Young, John               Yandell, John A.          Young, Wm.
Yandell, Thos. J.         Yandell, Lafayett         Yates, Thos.
Yates, H.B.               Younger, C.H.             Young, Joseph
Young, J.G.               Yeakey, J.E.              Yeakey, A.B.
Yeakey, Thos. N.          Yates, J.T.