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Unless otherwise noted, the following abstracts were from Hopkinsville Newspaper.

Aetz, Barbara
Barnett, Cicero
Bourland, Speigal
Bourne, Ambrose
Bowles, Martha
Bruce, Catherine
Caldwell, Clarissa
Clark, G. A.
Coglan, Peter
Decker, Mrs. Rueben
Dowdy, Solon
Doxey, Ary
Duffy, Belle
Faulkner, Eliza
Gordon, Mrs. W. L.
Gray, R. D.
Hagen, Polly Ann
Hatton, Clem
Hedspedth, Joel
Hines, C. E.
Hines, Ruth
Hise, Eliza
Howard, W. E.
Laub, A. M.
Lawrence, William

Oct. 7 1859,
Lunacy hearing for Francis WEST. Raised & resided Christian County, became ill last July with typhoid fever which left him deranged. No property but 2 mules. Parents live in Christian  Co., but unable to care for him. They are worth $2500 or $3000.
He has "a tolerable good education."  No other derangement in  the family, never married. Is about 25 years old. A farmer, of industrious & steady habits.  The supposed cause is in our opinion rivas super induced by an attack of typhoid fever.  Wm. STARLING, foreman.

Francis WEST was sent to Western Lunatic Asylum to be taken care of according to law. Jas. MEACHEM appointed committee for WEST.

Webster County Kentucky Court Orders Vols.1 & 2, 1869-1873

Jan. 9, pp.545-546--
Lunacy hearing on Laura SHELTON. Found to be subject to "periodical attacks of Lunacy or insanity caused by imperfect menstration" that has been twice attacked, but that said attacks have lasted for only a few days;that near 12 months ago she had an attack and during the present month she had another.  She is about 13 or 14 years old, not married, her parents both dead. She has no Estate of any kind,is able to labor in part for a support,
was born in Kentucky, entitled to the aid of the Asylum as her disease causes spells of insanity; & that she be sent to the Western Lunatic Asylum of Ky at Hopkinsville. J. WHITLEDGE apptd. to convey said Lunatic to said Asylum.

Webster County Kentucky Court Orders Vols.1 & 2, 1869-1873

July 10, p. 612--
Betsey Jane THOMPSON a pauper idiot of county, committed to Western Lunatic Asylum. B.D. BAILEY to convey her there.

Webster County Kentucky Court Orders Vols.1 & 2, 1869-1873

Feb. 28, p. 50--
Martha BOWLES found a lunatic & so since last Oct. produced by sickness. Born in N.C. & moved to Ky 14-15 years ago, brought by her brother Jordan BOWLES & his brother-in-law J. A. HAROLD.  No estate, parents dead, died in N.C. some time ago & left her no property. Not now, nor for about 4
years capable of supporting herself. Committed to asylum.

Oct 1885
Escaped Lunatics
Bowling Green Times
Old man Whalen and another gentleman, both of erratic minds and both whom have lived in Warren county up to the time of their incarceration in the insane asylum at Hopkinsville, were in the city yesterday.  They had escaped
from the institution mentioned and had come here, the first named avowing that he was about to start a scheme of making boards, whereby he was to clear $2,000 between now and Christmas.  Both of the runaways were arrested in spite of their earnest protests, and Dr. Stone, the physician of the asylum, took them with him to Hopkinsville yesterday afternoon.  It is also reported that James Dunavan, of this place is at liberty, but nothing is known of him except that he is in the Adairville neighborhood.  We have not learned the circumstances of their escape, though they did not all get out at the same time.

Sep 1885
The Hickman Courier says:  Mr R. Reid, who was some months ago released from the Hopkinsville Asylum, left Wednesday morning in charge of his committee, Mr J.O. Barnes, to be placed in the Central Asylum at Anchorage.  Mr Reid was for many years in charge of the express office at Hickman and was an
intelligent, cultivated high toned gentleman, and the hearts of hosts of friends are grieved at his unfortunate condition.

Oct 1885
Around Town
Eliza Faulkner, colored, aged 6 years was adjudged a lunatic Tuesday and
sent to the Asylum.

Feb 4 1886 - Crofton
I regret to learn that Mr Rory Mcintosh, living at old Petersburg, has become insane.

Feb 1886
Rev. C.P. Rodeier, of the Episcopal church, Owensboro, has been adjudged a
lunatic and sent to the western asylum.  It is believed to be only a
temporary result of sickness, and his friends hope for a speedy recover.

Feb 1886
A Kentucky Lunatic
The Wild Alarm W.D. Mayhew Caused in a St. Louis Hotel At St. Louis, Wednesday, William D. Mayhew, of Scottsville, Ky., was locked up at the four Courts for safe keeping.  The prisoner was recently released
from the Hopkinsville asylum, and in the care of a friend, Mr R.D. fallis, was being conveyed to California, where his wife awaits him.  The two men took rooms at the Everett House, in St. Louis, Wednesday, and shortly after
their arrival Mr Mayhew became violent.  He siezed a knife, and rushing through the halls put the guests to flight in terror.  Before reaching St. Louis Mr Fallis had noticed nothing strange in Mayhew's actions, but when it
was demonstrated that his malady had not been cured it was thought best to lock him up.

May 1886
Henderson Gleaner
Mr. Fayette Posey left for Hopkinsville Tuesday afternoon
having in charge Mr. Conrad Sublette who was adjudged insane last week and
ordered to the insane asylum by County Judge Dabney.

Jan 1887
Owensboro Messenger Constable Jo Stirman took Peter Coghlan to the Hopkinsville lunatic asylum again yesterday.  Coghlan  was first sent to the asylum last October, but escaped and returned home on foot.  He was a very bright young man, the pride of his mother and relatives, and the development of unsoundness in his mind last fall was a distressing revelation in them. He had been studying for the priesthood in New York for about two years. The first symptom of insanity manifested was an hallucination that he had committed a grevious sin and the newspapers were about to expose him.

Jan 1887
Sad Case of Insanity

Madisonville, Ky  This community is very much shocked and full of regret on learning that Mrs. Gordon, wife of the Hon. W.L. Gordon, has become violently insane, so much so, that she was yesterday adjudged a lunatic and
sent to the asylum at Hopkinsville.  About six months ago she showed signed of insanity, thought in a mild and harmless form and until a few days since was thought to be almost recovered, when all at once she became so violent that it became necessary to restrain her.  It was caused by religous excitement.

Jan 1887
We are requested to publish the following as an act of humanity:  If this should meet the eye of the brother of Andrew McNamee, who is living some where in Kentucky, he can hear of his brother Andrew who is in the Insane Asylum and whose person and property needs attention.  Address.   S. Milham, Lincoln, Nebraska
(This article appeared in the Hopkinsville newspaper, however it is not known which asylum Andrew NcNamee was placed in.)

Jan 1887
Sent to the Asylum

Sunday afternoon a woman walked up to Mr. Neuton Watson's residence, a few miles from this city, and insisted on staying over night and executed her desires without the formality of an invitation.  She made herself so
disagreeably at home and acted so suriously that Watson concluded she was crazy.  Monday morning he brought her before Judge Anderson.  She informed the court she was 100 years old, had been married 50 years and was from Elkton.  A jury was empannelled which sent her to the asylum.  She is probably the same woman who got in some pretty slick work in todd county last week.  At Hadensville, a young lady was releived of her diamonds and
various articles of clothing by a curious acting woman, and many other citizens suffered various losses by this lady of eccentric manners.  At Mr.Watson's Sunday night she wore five suits of clothing and carried a bundle
full of articles of needle-work.  Should it develop that she is the same woman that worked Todd county, it is evident she is more knave than fool. The woman called herself Mrs. O.K. Spedwell.

July 1886
The Tobacco Leaf
Mr. A.M. Laub was tried in the Circuit Court before Judge McCarroll, Tuesday, for lunacy and sent to the Asylum.  Laub has been acting in a strange manner for several weeks.  He was incoherent in his conversation and
his actions led his friends to believe that he was insane.

Jul 1886

Will Neither Eat Nor Talk
Courier Journal
Ellen Reed, 25 years of age, was placed in jail last night charged with Lunacy, and will be tried this morning.  She had previously been an inmate of the Hopkinsville asylum, but was pronounced cured, and discharged.  She
then returned to this city, and lived with her sister, Mrs. Mary Hardin, on Preston and Shipp streets.  Recently she again developed symptoms of insanity, and was taken to a private institute for treatment.  Her condition
did not improve and it was again decided to commit her to the asylum.  She can not be induced to talk, and has wasted away through a refusal to partake of food until she weights but seventy pounds.

Jul 1886
Owensboro Inquirer
G.A. Clark was adjudged a lunatic in the Circuit Court Saturday last, and sent to the asylum at Hopkinsville.  Clark is the same young man who sometime since secured a horse and buggy from a livery firm in this city on
the plea that his aged mother who resided near town, was seriously ill, and he wanted the buggy, few hours to visit her.  The kind hearted livery man took pity on him and gave him the rig.  Instead of repairing  to the bedside
of his sick mother, Clark, drove to Calhoun, where he had a jolly time with the girls.  He also appropriated a watch belonging to a citizen of Calhoun.
In the meanwhile the livery man becoming uneasy about his buggy, set about a search for his property, and succeeded in finding it, together with young Clark, at Calhoun.  Clark was at once arrested and brought to this city.  He was duly indicted, and the case coming on for trial Saturday, a plea of insanity was entered and an inquest held with the above result.  The watch was also recovered and returned to the owner.

Sep 1886
Mr. Joel Hedspeth, once a bright young man of Franklin, Ky., lost his reason
recently from ill health, and will be brought to the Western Lunatic asylum
at this place.

C.D. Hutchings and W.D. Browder, of Russellville, arrived in the city
Thursday night with Eliza Hise, a lunatic, whom they placed in the Asylum.

R.D. Gray was tried for lunacy before Judge Anderson Thursday and sent to
the asylum.

Nov 1886
Aound Town

Bowling Green Times:
Elijah Vernon, the twelve year old boy who was adjudged a lunatic by the jury in circuit court yesterday and sent to the asylum at Hopkinsville, returned today having been sent back because those of his age were not admitted and because the asylum was full anyhow.  He will probably be sent to the asylum at Anchorage.  His insanity was caused from epilepsy which he had been subject to almost from his birth.  During his trial yesterday witnesses testified that the boy had one hundred fits in six hours when he was one year old, and that astonishing evidence has become a matter of record of the court.

April 1895
Hopkinsville Kentuckian....

MR AMBROSE BOURNE was tried Monday and adjudged of unsound mind.  He was carried to the Hopkinsville asylum Monday night.  He had been in ill health for some time.  RUSSELLVILLE LEDGER.


Apr 1896

Mrs. Belle Duffy, wife of Capt. Frank Duffy, of Guthrie, was adjudged of unsound mind by a jury Tuesday and sent to the asylum here.

Feb 1900
Lunatic Murderer Escaped
But Was Recaptured Near Kelly Few Hours Afterward
Cicero Barnett, col., who brutally murdered his father with a hatchet at Owensboro a few months ago, escaped from the asylum here Saturday night, but was captured by the attendants Sunday, near Kelly.  He was making his way to his old home when taken into custody.  Barnett effected his escape by prizing apart the bars of his window and letting himself down to the ground by means of a rope made of his bed clothing.  The negro, shortly after the
murder, was adjudged of unsound mind, and brought to the Asylum.

Mar 1900
Edward Thompson, of Eddyville was adjudged a lunatic Friday and brought to the asylum here the same day.

Mar 1900
Became Suddenly Insane
Ary Doxey, a colored woman became suddenly insane yesterday morning and was taken into custody by an officer.  Later she was tried on a charge of lunacy and sent to the asylum.  She is the mother of a child only nine days old.

From McCracken County
Mr. Lee Nance, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Nance was adjudged a lunatic today in county, Judge Tully's court and ordered to the Hopkinsville insane asylum.  His uncle Mr. Ed Nance was appointed to convey him there.  The unfortunate young man was stricken with typhoid fever in St. Louis several weeks ago and as a result afterward became violently insane.  His many friends and those of his parents hope for his speedy recovery. Paducah News.

Mrs. Rueben Decker of Livingston county, was brought to the asylum here last week for treatment.

Brought to Asylum
Mania for Destroying Property
Mrs. Nancy Wood, of near Greenville, was adjudged of unsound mind Wednesday and brought to the asylum here yesterday in charge of Messrs. J. S. Hanbery and esq. J.R. Randolph, of Greenville.  She had mania for burning and destroying property and had to be kept under restraint for some time before being brought to the asylum.

Jul 1900
Fourteen Crazy
Clarence Riddle, aged 10, of Owensboro, was committed to the asylum here today as he imagines he is running for President and will win easy.  This makes fourteen people committed for lunacy from Daviess county since the 1st of January.

PYLE ???
A Lunatic Relapse
A lunatic named Pyle broke up an arbor meeting east of Kelly yesterday, where Rev. B. F. Hyde was preaching.  He became violently insane over religious excitement and the meeting came to a sudden end.  An officer was
telephoned for and Deputy Sheriff Golay went out after him yesterday afternoon.  Pyle has been in the asylum twice.

SEP 1900
Turned Loose
John Wilson waives Examination And Gives Bond
Only $1,500 Required And Wilson returns to His Home John Wilson, constable in the fruit Hill district, was admitted to bail September 4.  He slew Alex Wright, an unarmed and inoffensive participant in
a barn dance at White Plains Aug 11, and had been in jail since about August 15.  It was at first claimed that Williams was insane, but this plea was not made and he waived examination and Judge Cansler fixed his bond at $1,500.
He has engaged counsel and it is now understood that he will put up the usual please of self defense.  Wilson was and so for as we are advised is still constable in his district and is a Republican leader while Wright was
a Democrat.  He has influential Democratic connections, however, and these are standing by him.  Esq. George H. Myers took care of him as a boy and Esq. W. T. Davis is his father in law.

Sep 1900
Committed to Asylum
Clarence Stokes, the 18 year old son of W. T. Stokes who removed to this city from Elkton some months ago, was adjudged a lunatic and committed to the Western Kentucky Asylum Saturday afternoon, says the PEMBROKE JOURNAL.

Sep 1900
Landed in Asylum
After two attempts to take her own life, Clarissa Caldwell, a colored woman of the Gracey neighborhood, was landed in the asylum here Friday.  She is the wife of Wesley Caldwell, a colored farm hand, and is about nineteen
years old.  She had been showing signs of dementia for some time and about two weeks ago attempted suicide by hanging.  She was discovered in a few minutes, however, and was soon revived.  On last Tuesday she made another attempt at self destruction, this time jumping into a well.  The water was only a few feet deep and she was soon rescued.  She sustained some severe bruises as a result of the latter experience, as here body came in contact with some rocks in its descent.  The woman was brought to the city Friday, adjudged of unsound mind and at once placed in the asylum for treatment.

Nov 1900
Not Guilty
Of Murder But Insane And Lodged In Asylum
The jury in the W. E. Howard murder case at Owensboro returned a verdict of acquittal on the grounds of insanity.  Over a year ago, Howard killed Peter Gertersen who married Howard's sister.  The trouble then resulted in the action to place the estate of W. L. Howard, father of W. E. Howard and Mrs. Gertersen in the hands of a trustee, on the ground that he was unable to ___ this estate because of unsoundness of mind.  W. E. Howard thought it was a move on the part of his sister and Gerterson and he went to their home and
killed Gertersen.  Howard was brought to the Western asylum last week.

Nov 1900
MISS BARBARA AETZ, adjudged insane at Paducah, was received at the asylum Friday.

January 1901
Mrs. Ruth Hines, of Daviess County, was received at the Western Asylum one day last week for treatment.  She has been in the asylum here before.

Jan 1901
C. E. Hines, of Ohio county, was adjudged of unsound mind last week and sent to the asylum here.

Trigg County Abstracts
August 1902
Father Also Insane

Senator H. Mc Dowell, of Union City, Tenn. A former Populist leader, has been in very great trouble during the past two weeks.  His son crazed by smoking cigarettes, attempted so to shoot him recently; and in order to save
his own life he shot the boy, wounding him but slightly.  The boy was then send to the asylum.  One or two days afterwards, over wrought by the terrible experience, Mr. Mc Dowell collapsed and his mind gave way and he
too was sent to the asylum.

Trigg County Abstracts

June 17, 1904
Had Been To Hell Declared Lunatic
Mormon Elder Tried To Kill His Wife and Children
Clem Hatton, who lives in Bath county Kentucky, near Owingsville, recently returned from an insane asylum, has again developed violence and dangerous insanity.  After repeated attempts to kill his four children they were taken
from him.  Awakening from sleep he told his wife, who was alone with him, that he had been to hell and had received imperative orders from Dowie, the devil and George O. Barnes to administer baptism to everybody he saw and to begin with his wife.  Forcibly taking her to a deep hole at a lonely place in Millcreek near his home, he proceeded to baptize her.  He had put her under water the third time when stopped by some fisherman.  His wife was unconscious when rescued, and is in a serious condition.  He said it was his intention to drown her.  Hatton is a Mormon elder.

Mar 1905

In the Circuit Court at Hopkinsville, the jury in the case of Speigal Bourland against dr. W.A. Lackey for $1,000 damages award the plaintiff $500.  Bourland, who is a lunatic, claims he was knocked down by Dr. Lackey
while the doctor was acting as superintendent of the Western asylum.  Lackey claimed he struck Bourland in self defense.  A new trial will be asked.  Dr. Lackey is a cousin of dr. J.H. Lackey, of Canton.

Mar 1905 Trigg County
William Lawrence, of Donaldson country, was adjudged of unsound mind in the County Court Monday and was taken to the asylum at Hopkinsville by Constable Blair Guier and Deputy Sheriff H.P. Atwood.

Trigg County Abstracts

January 8, 1924
Thomas Will Die Friday Morning
In Electric Chair At Eddyville If Order Is Not Changed By Governor
Five Others Await Their Fate in Death Row At Eddyville Prison
THE PADUCAH SUN on Monday says:  Frank Thomas, of Jefferson county, sentenced to die for the murder of Lee Arbegust, will go to the electric chair at Eddyville Friday unless a stay of execution is ordered.  Thomas, an
old man, was released from the penitentiary last year on an insanity plea, and was taken to the asylum.  The Commonwealth obtained another hearing and he was ordered back to prison and that date of his execution finally set for February 8.

Five other men, two of them colored, are now in "Death Row", awaiting death in the electric chair, according to a report furnished the EVENING SUN by Warden John B. Chilton, of Eddyville prison.

Will Chambers, colored, of Barren county, sentenced to death for the murder of Charlie Bybee, will die in the chair March 7.

Sam Archie, white, Hickman county, whose trial was finished recently will go to the chair March 31.

Trigg County Abstracts

March 2, 1925
Marshall's Bad Egg Captured Again
Man Brought Through Cadiz For Asylum Habitual Jail Breaker
Caught After Third Break And Taken To Paducah For Safe Keeping Marshall county's "bad egg" and habitual jail breaker, who was brought through Cadiz when taken to the Hopkinsville asylum a year ago, is in
custody again, although he has broken jail three times during the past few months.

Graves county officers assisted in a chase that ended in the capture this morning near Bachusburg, just across the Graves county line in Calloway county, of Solon Dowdy, three times a jail breaker from the Marshall county
jail and wanted on charges of kidnapping and desertion of his child.  This is the third time Dowdy has broken jail in Marshall county and he still refuses to divulge the hiding place of his son, whom he is alleged to have
kidnapped from the mother several weeks ago.  Dowdy was found hiding in an old blacksmith shop.  He was taken back to Benton by Sheriff Joe Darnell and his deputies, who had been seeking him since Saturday.

According to Sheriff Darnall, Dowdy will be taken to Paducah and placed in jail for safekeeping.

Dowdy has broken out of the Benton jail three times in the last four months. He refused to leave his child in the custody of his wife, after he had been sent to a hospital for treatment and kidnapped the child.  He has hidden the
child and refuses to divulge the hiding place.

Trigg County Abstracts

Mar 1926
Trio Robbed Girls' Escorts, Attacked Them, Police Are told
Special Courier Journal

Madisonville, Ky., March 29  Two of three Negroes arrested today as suspects in connections with the attack on three girls and the robbing of their escort last night, were free this afternoon and the third, Clifford Martin,
is being held in the jail here.

Martin was placed in jail after dogs, according to officers, had followed a trail from the scene of the attack to his home where, he was arrested.
Prisoner Identified
Martin today was identified by the girls' escorts.
Chapman Merrill, 24 years old, and Al Mills, both of near Mortons Gap, as being one of a trio of Negroes who held them up last night.  The girls failed to identify him.

The girls are Misses Annie Anderson, 18; Vaden Laffoon, 20, and Beryl Nichols, 17, whose father died last week of injuries suffered when he was crushed by falling slate in a mine.  Her mother has been a patient for the
last thirteen months in the WESTERN STATE HOSPITAL Hopkinsville.

The five young people had motored here and were returning home when three men appeared in the road.  As the automobile came to a stop at the outskirts of Earlington the Negroes leaped on the running board of the car and with drawn pistols forced the men to leave the machine, robbing them of their money.

The escorts and one of the girls were driven into the woods and held at bay by one bandit, while the two other girls were carried into a thicket and attacked. Then the other bandit committed an assault on the third girl while
his confederates stood guard.

Leaving their victim, the Negroes fled through the woods. The automobile party returned here and reported the crimes to Sheriff Woodruff.  As soon as the news spread a posse of 100 armed citizens of Madisonville and Earlington augmented officers conducting a search.  Blood hounds were ordered from Sebree.
Blamed In Other Crimes
The girls were taken to their homes.  Mills and Merrill remained here through the night to assist in the investigation.

The Negroes are believed to have been the highwaymen who committed a series of robberies near the scene of Sunday night's attack.  Motorists were robbed and others who did not stop when hailed were fired upon.  Two weeks ago County Patrolmen Elmer Todd fought a bloodless pistol battle with two Negroes he detected breaking into a store at Earlington.  Thirty shot were fired.

AUG 1943
AUG 1923
Abner Stevens, son of Mr. Lawry Stevens, who has been working with Mr. Tom Solomon on the Mitchell farm near the Sugar Grove close to Trigg Furnace was taken to the Western Kentucky Hospital at Hopkinsville for treatment last Thursday.

April 28,1932

Hardin county ky. plaintiff
Polly Ann Hagan defendant
the paper goes on to say that they have found her of unsound mind and a Lunatic and she requires supervision and control for her own welfare, which can best be provided by commitment to western state hospital
the paper is signed by a R S layman m.d.  dated April 30 1932


May 1943
Cadiz Record
Mrs. Catherine Bruce is quite ill at the Western State Hospital, in Hopkinsville.  She was visited Sunday by U. G. Bruce, her husband of this county, and her children.

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