Hopkinsville, Christian County, KY

Transcribed and Submitted by Kathleen Hill

When the 1860 Census was taken in Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky, Western State Lunatic Hospital was listed as dwelling 527 on pages 72 through 78. It was recorded September 1, 1860. The WSH Census starts with the entry of the Superintendent, F. G. Montgomery, and his family. The names and occupations of 19 other employees, and some of their family members follow. WSH employees are listed in a separate table from the patients.

Among the employees, there is one assistant Doctor listed and 10 attendants. There are 235 patients named. If this is any indication of the patient/caregiver ratio, then there was only one attendant for roughly every 23 patients. There were 135 male and 100 female patient names recorded.

Some male patients have an Occupation listed after their name. Whether this simply denotes their occupation prior to admission to WSH, or denotes work they may have been able to perform as patients is unknown. One female patient has the occupation schoolteacher noted. Only two patients have a notation for race, a Mulatto female and a Black female. The majority of the patients are shown as having been born in Kentucky.

Most of the patients have the notation Pauper after their name. I have used the letter "P" to denote pauper. Most of the patients also have the term "Insane" noted after their name, although 8 have the term "Idiot" and some were blank. Of the residents with only the Pauper notation, it may be that they were not actually hospitalized for any mental illness but were, in fact, what would have been considered "poor house" residents.

Patient breakdown by age is as follows:

22   Under age 20

74   Age 20 to 30

64   Age 30 to 40

43   Age 40 to 50

14   Age 50 to 60

13   Age 60 to 70

3   Age 70 to 80

2   Over age 80

The youngest patients were two boys and a girl who were 12 years old. The oldest patient was an 87 year old female pauper.

Census Listing For Patients

Census Listing For Residents/Employees

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