Allen Co., KY

Lunatic Register 1904-1921 

Residents committed to Western State Hospital, Hopkinsville, KY

Transcribed , abstracted and compiled by Sharon Tabor ©2005
Information is provided for personal and private use and cannot be used for profit or professional gain.
Original documents archived in the Allen County Courthouse, Register of Deeds, Scottsville , KY

Alexander , Roy
Committed 1/1/1909; age 18; sgl; Other relative ill - Grandfather. Mother now in asylum at Hopkinsville - been there 17 years. pg54
Committed 6/17/1911; sgl; age 20; mother in asylum; Symptoms - imaginations of various kind; inssistant talker; pg86
Committed 2/28/1914; pg128
Committed 1/8/1918, 1/14/1919; age 28; sgl; Symptoms - hallucination; pg236

Anderson , Jas. P
Committed 10/7/1908; age abt 65; m2, div; other relatives ill - maternal uncle ; sister in Texas; Symptoms - wild incoherant speech and ??? at an imaginary object ; pg50

Atwood, Harry
Committed 1/4/1909; age 22; sgl ; Symptoms - nervous, & irritable ; seems to think someone after him and hurting him; pg52

Ausbrooks , Dol
Committed 4/10/1911; age 22; sgl; Symptoms - castrated himself a year ago with razor thought he would be lost if he did not do it; pg78

Barry, Mollie 
Committed 5/22/1914; age 53; sgl; Symptoms - has been tied in chair for 12 months . pg140

Beller, Nola C
Committed 5/20/1914; age 23; Other relative ill - uncle & grandmother ; Symptoms - singing & praying; pg138

Blankenship , John P.
Committed 3/20/1917; age 68; wid; Other relatives ill - sister; Symptoms - disposition to run away; pg192

Bohannon / Bohanon, Mrs. Elizabeth Ellen
Committed 5/19/1914; age 63; mar; Symptoms - nervous and restless and grieving over dead children; pg118, 136
Committed 2/19/1910; age 58 or 60; Symptoms - melancoly and violent at times; grieving over death of child & sister; pg70

Bond, George
Committed 11/20/1914; age 28; pg 146

Boucher , Lucy A. Miss
Committed 3/21/1905; age 45 or 50; sgl ; Other relatives ill - ggrandfather; Symptoms - says cats were located under the floor with telephone wire attached to their tails and by this means messages were communicated to neighbors & she would get the news from the community; pg10

Branmun , Henry
Committed 9/18/1918; age 47; wid; Symptoms - vicious; thinks someone is trying to kill him; pg228

Bridges , Lallie
Committed 2/16/1912; age 32; div; Symptoms - roving disposition, wants to run away ; pg104

Briley, Mrs. Fanny A
Committed 3/7/1919; age 97; wid; pg242

Buckhannon , E.E.
Committed 4/11/1919; age 45; mar; Other relatives ill - 2 aunts; Symptoms - pains in head ; pg248

Burrow, Haywood
Committed 1/13/1917; age 21; sgl; Other relative ill - brother; pg 188, 190

Butram, J.D.
Committed 1913; pg122

Clay, Lula
Committed 11/10/1911; age 29; mar; Symptoms - nervous, spinal trouble, fretting and complaining of head; has 5 children youngest 3 months old, husband owns no property ; pg98

Cornwell , Mrs. Ada Thomas
Committed 6/20/1914; age 30; mar; Other relative ill - sister; pg142

Dalton, Mary Elizabeth
Committed 6/26/1917; age 61; mar; Other relatives ill - brother; Symptoms - nervousness , wandering away from home; fancied wrongs, groundless charges against neighbors, believes she is going to remove to an old or former house; pg202

Davis, John W.
Committed 8/5/1908; age 49; mar; pg 48

Dinkins , George
Committed 2/4/1916; age 26; sgl

Dinkins , Sam
Committed 4/27/1911; mar; Symptoms - dispondency and talking of God; says he will be lost if not allowed to go to jail; pg 80

Dismang , Neal 
Committed 10/14/1904;age 54; sgl; Symptoms - claims someone is coming after his at night; pg6

Dobbs, Lenus
Committed 1912; age 26; sgl; Symptoms - roving disposition, wants to run away; pg106

Dodson, L.M
Committed 7/12/1921

Downing , Virgil
Committed 1/3/1917;age 17; sgl
Committed 4/18/1918; age 18; sgl

Eaton, Virginia
Committed 5/5/1905; age 39; mar; Symptoms - thinks she has been eating poison, rates, snake, etc. Thinks some one will do her injury, sees pictures on the wall ; pg12

Eddy, Frances
Committed abt 1909; age 65; mar / wid; Symptoms - curses & raves & fights the walls; has an idea that she is going robbed & killed; pg 62

Everette, Ira
Committed 3/18/1919; age 16; pg244

French, John L
Committed 4/22/1907; age 53; mar; Symptoms - talks about religion and corners of land; pg38
Committed 3/22/1917; age 63; sent to asylum 4/22/1907

Frost, Bettie
Committed 7/6/1912; age 18; sgl; Other relatives ill - aunt Carline Reeves; Symptoms - personal violence; pg108

Fults, Annie
Committed 1/4/1918; age 44; sgl; Other relative ill - aunt; Symptoms - been in the asylum twice; shouting, singing and preaching praying & talking about the war; pg212

Fultz, Annie
Committed 9/30/1913; age 39 or 40; sgl; Other relative ill - aunt committed suicide ; Symptoms - in asylum in Hopkinsville 20 years ago; shouting, singing, preaching; pg124

Gentry, Florence
Committed 6/16/1913; age 36; sgl; Other relatives ill - mother and 1 brother; Symptoms - easily frightened and imaginations; afraid of poison; pg116

Gilliam, J.H
Committed 8/1/1904; age 23; sgl; Other relatives ill - mother & Relatives; pg 4 

Goodrum, Ben E
Committed 8/29/1918; age 49; mar; living with 4th wife; preaching & farming. confined abt 18 yrs ago; pg224

Hale, Mary Margret
Committed 11/14/1904; age 60; mar; Other relatives ill - Frank Dyson; Symptoms - been to asylum twice before; pg8

Hancock, Fannie
Committed 1909; age 79; wid; pg60

Harris, D.S
Committed 7/3/1911; age 78; sgl, wife dead; Symptoms - want to rove off - offers to fight; pg90

Harris, Warner Underwood
Committed 7/30/1915; age 43; sgl; Other relatives ill - several aunts, uncles & cousins; Symptoms - vicious and dangerous; pg170

Harrison, Carine
Committed 2/5/1913; age 14; sgl; Symptoms - complaining of head, sick stomach afterwards become wild and trying to fight; pg114
Committed 7/12/1915; age 16; sgl; 

Hinton, George Gillock
Committed 1911; age 25; sgl; pg74

Hinton, Georgia
Committed 4/4/1908; age 40; mar; Symptoms - nervous attacks; pg46

Hinton, J.B
Committed 5/11/1904; age 55; mar; Symptoms - thinks his dogs will starve; pg2
Committed 1/15/1907; age 60; mar; Symptom - in asylum 3 times; pg36

Hinton, Mrs. Georgie
Committed 8/5/1918; age 51; wid; Symptoms - talking at random; pg222

Hinton, Warren H
Committed 12/17/1911; age 57; mar; Other relatives ill - 3rd or 4th cousin; Symptoms - says some want to kill; pg100

Holland, Henry
Committed 6/22/1915; age 31; mar; Other relatives ill - mother who is now in the asylum; pg164

Holland, Mrs. Fannie
Committed 12/23/1918; age 55; mar; 

Holland, Mrs. H.F. 
Committed 2/14/1915; age 52; mar; 

Howell, Mrs. M. P. 
Committed 8/6/1917; age 69; mar; pg206

Hunt, Mahala 
Committed 10/10/1910; age 61; mar; Other relatives ill - aunt and 1 uncle; Symptoms - scriptures, wanting to preach, afraid some one will harm or kill them; no concentration of thought, nervous; pg66 

Johnson, Curt
Committed 3/30/1911; age 38; sgl; Symptoms - violent, trying to kill himself & family; pg76

Jones, Willie
Committed 4/15/1915; age 33; mar; Symptoms - did not recognize any of his folks and has a dispoisiton to run away; pg154

Justice, Erasumus
Committed 6/7/1905; age 28; pg14

Justice, Luther 
Committed 3/1/1908; age 36; mar; Other relative ill - mother and brother; Symptoms - seems to be bothered and fears danger from others; pg44

Justice, Mrs. Puss
Committed 6/7/1905; age 68; mar; Other relatives ill - sister deranged, son, and grandchild; Symptoms - sd last Sunday she had Gold in her side, sd this morning she had died and been resurrected; pg16 

Kennedy, Cal. C.
Committed 7/9/1915; age 67; wid; Other relatives ill - sister; 

Kingery, Rosie
Committed 7/22/1918; age 26; mar; Other relatives ill - uncle; Symptoms - running, trying to drown her children; brooding over war; pg222

Lewis, Mrs. Margaret Jane 
Committed 10/1/1917; age 75 or 80; wid; pg210

Lomar, Jim 
Committed abt 1910; sgl; pg64

Lyles, Thomas
Committed 12/5/1914; age 68; mar; Other relatives ill - son; Symptoms - inclination to rove is very irritable; pg148

Lyles, Walter
Committed 8/23/1905; age 22; sgl; Symptoms - dug a grave and tried to bury himself; sent to asylum once before; pg22 

Marion, Minnie
Committed 5/4/1914; age 40; wid; Other relatives ill - cousin Sam Kelly who died in the asylum; Symptoms - can't talk any length of time on any subject; pg134

Mayhew, Henry A 
Committed abt 1910; age 73; sgl; Symptoms - fractous, ill, vicious contrary, thinks men will care for him; pg72
Committed 9/9/1911; age 74; div; Other relatives ill - brother died in asylum; male on mothers side, woman on mother's side; Symptoms - talks in rambling way; threatens to burn house, keeps axe; pg96

Mayhew, R.A.
Committed 5/2/1921; age 82

McElroy, W.M.
Committed 4/1/1914; age 66; wid; Other relatives ill - uncle, 2 children, one died in the asylum; sent to asylum in 1868; Symptoms - wants to hang himself; pg130

Meredith, Angeline 
Committed 12/11/1915; age 54; wid; Other relatives ill - sister, niece & gmother; 

Moore, Mrs. Nellie 
Committed 2/22/1918; age 71; mar; 

Motley, Birdie
Committed 4/4/1914; age 30;

Newman, Joe 
Committed 3/6/1916; age 24; mar;

Newman, Wm. W.
Committed 4/14/1916; age 54; mar;

Obannon, Joe
Committed 1/29/1909; age 8; sg; pg58

Omms, William
Committed 7/13/1911; age 66; Other relatives ill - nephew and niece; Symptoms - threats to kill grandchildren; attempts suicide, complains of head; pg92

Payne, Alvin C 
Committed 9/3/1918; age 39; mar; Symptoms - believes mob after him; pg226

Perry, Elmer E. 
Committed 1910; age 37; sgl; Other relatives ill - mother; Symptoms - expecting to be killed; pg68

Ray, Mrs. E.B 
Committed 10/20/1909; age 38; mar; Other relatives ill - mother in old age; Symptoms - melancholy, cries and talks of being lost; thinks the devil is after her; pg56

Ray, Alex 
Committed 5/21/1906; age 63; mar; Symptoms - talk about starvation ; wants to run away; pg32

Read, Allie Brown 
Committed 4/21/1915; age 25; sgl; Other relatives ill - uncle and cousins; Symptoms - hallucinations, delusions, wandering disposition and threatening violence; pg156

Reynolds, Ad / Add
Committed 1906; age 25; sgl; pg28
Committed 1/30/1912; age 30; sgl; Other relatives ill - brother and uncle; Symptoms - roaming, wild, trying to injure himself and others; pg102
Committed 3/5/1918; age 36; mar; Other relatives ill - brother & uncle; in asylum 3 times, 1903, 1906, 1912; pg216

Richey, George
Committed 3/6/1915; age 49; sgl; Symptoms - excessive use of morphine; pg152

Rigdon, Bettie
Committed 11/30/1915; age 49; sgl; Other relatives ill - father; in asylum in IN; 

Roberts, Dollie Jane 
Committed 7/7/1905; age 50; sgl; Other relatives ill - cousin; Symptoms - Thinks she is bound by the devil - Carries her Bible with her quotes scripture; pg18
Committed 2/17/1919; pg240

Robertson, Patsey Ann 
Committed 9/8/1907; age 22; mar; Other relatives ill - gmother; Symptoms - talking & walking ; about 3 months ago child born; pg40

Sams, Henry
Committed 11/20/1912; age 22; sgl; lives Monroe Co; pg110

Sarver, Mrs. H.G.
Committed 1/27/1906; age 52; mar; Other relatives ill - gmother and aunt; Symptoms - imagines danger & crys or weeps spasmatically - religious fanatcisim; pg 24
Committed 11/29/1906; age 52; mar; Other relatives ill - gmother and aunt; Symptoms - religious fanatcisim; imagines danger and weeps or cries spasmotically; pg34

Simmons, Fletcher 
Committed 1911; age 16; sgl; Symptoms - silly; says she is a child of God, talks about religions; speaks about Dr. God being her doctor; pg84

Skaggs, Ivy Golden 
Committed 1907; pg42

Smith, Gilbert (col)
Committed 6/29/1906; Other relatives ill - uncle; Symptoms - seems to have a craming disposition,talking at random; pg26

Spears, Mrs. Robert Delaware
Committed 7/14/1913; age 56; mar; Other relative ill - aunt; Symptoms - attempts to run away; grief from death of children; pg120

Spillman, Geo. R. 
Committed 1914; age 43; sgl; Symptoms - crying and despondent and threatening to kill himself; pg144

Stovall, C.L 
Committed 1911; age 27; sgl; Symptoms - does not see to know where is and wanders around; pg94

Stovall, Jno
Committed 6/1/1915; age 73; sgl; Other relatives ill - mother and sister; Symptoms - don't understand anything wont go to bed or put on his clothes; pg160

Thomas, J.S
Committed 1919; age 76; wid; Symptoms - thinks women after him; thinks little girls and women after him because he is good looking; pg234

Thompson, John F 
Committed 4/14/1914; age 51; mar; Other relatives ill - father & 2 aunts; in asylum at age of 23; Symptoms - wants to run away; pg132

Tiffany, John B
Committed 6/30/1920; age 74; wid

Tully, John
Committed 4/10/1916 

Weaver, Mrs. Ida
Committed 5/21/1917; age 47; mar; Other relatives ill - brother; 

Weaver, Ruby
Committed 2/21/1914; age 8; sgl; Symptoms - doesn't remember anything ; sent to Feeble Minded Institute at Frankfort; pg126

Whitlow, T.J.
Committed 6/21/1917; age 34; mar; Symptoms - thinks someone will do him ?? Excited conversation delusions; pg200

Willoughby, Hattie
Committed 2/1/1913; age 30; mar; Other relatives ill - 2 of her mother's sister; Symptoms- abusing her husband, shouting and talking about religion; pg112
Committed 6/4/1915; pg163

Wilson, Clarice
Committed 2/18/1919; age 16; sgl; pg238

Witcher, J.B.
Committed 12/22/1905; age 48; sgl; Symptoms - became crazy in pulipt; farmer & minister of gospel; sent to asylum 4 yrs previous; pg30

Wolf, Julia A.
Commited 8/22/1905; age 34; sgl; Other relatives ill - aunt; pg20

Woods, Walter
Committed 6/23/1911; age 16; sgl; Symptoms - staying awake all night, thinking he is dying, threatens to kill himself; ill since his brother died; sees dead people; pg88
Committed 5/25/1915; age 20; sgl; in asylum about 4 yrs ago; pg158

Transcribed , abstracted and compiled by Sharon Tabor ©2005
Information is provided for personal and private use and cannot be used for profit or professional gain.
Original documents archived in the Allen County Courthouse, Register of Deeds, Scottsville , KY