1745 - 1834

James Gilmour, Sr. Will 1829
Christian Co., KY Will BK H, pg. 335-337
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I, James Gilmour, of Christian Co., Kentucky being old, weak & infirm of body, but of sound and disposing mind, and knowing also, that men must die, have thought it best by will to make a disposition of such property as I own to take effect upon my death.
I desire then that my body, after death, be properly interred and that my Executor hereinafter named pay all & every the debts I owe. I further will that my said Executor so soon after my death as convenient may sell my tract of land in Christian County and on Little River upon such reasonable credit as shall ensure the best price for it, and that the money arising from this sale, thereof be equally divided between my three sons, James Gilmour, George Gilmour and Alexander Gilmour. For the purpose of collecting a debt which has been long owing me by my son George Gilmore, I have not long since caused an Execution to be issued from the Clerks Office of the Christian Circuit Court against his estate by virtue of which, the tract of land on which he now resides, was sold, and other property. The land is bounded as follows - It is part of a certain tract deeded by Joshua Cates to James & George Gilmour containing two hundred and thirty two 1/2 acres lying on the waters of Little River and beginning at three black Jacks, thence South 223 poles to a stake, passing at 215 poles two black jacks 7 a post Oak, thence West 167 3/4 poles to a stake & three hickories and a black jack pointer, thence North 221 1/2 poles to four small hickories, thence North 89 1/2 degrees East 167 3/4 poles to the beginning. This land I purchased at Sheriffs sale, as the deed from John Buckner, Deputy Sheriff to me will show. I also purchased under the same execution the following property: 5 horses, one yoke of steers, one waggon [sic], three cows, four feather beds & furniture, nine sheep, one bureau, four ploughs, 3 sets of gear, 15 head of hogs, the crop of corn & eight common chairs - the whole of which land, agreeable to the boundaries herein specified and the whole of which articles of personal property together with a negro girl named Matilday purchased also, under said execution, I give & bequeath to my grandchildren, James L. Gilmour, John W. Gilmour, Alexander M. Gilmour, Thomas E. Gilmour, Robert B. Gilmour, Eleanor J. Gilmour, Mary F. Gilmour the children of the said George Gilmour to them & their heirs forever - and if any of them shall die without issue living at their death, their portion of said property to continue & go to the survivor or survivors, in exactly equal shares. The Bal of the debt due me by my son George I also give to my said Grandchildren to be by them collected, if after they shall have arrived at the age of twenty one years, they shall choose to do so. I appoint my son George Gilmour executor of this my last will & testament and require of him that he carry the same into full effect, hereby revoking all other & former wills by me made.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 25th day of Sept 1829.
[signature] James Gilmour {seal}
Signed, sealed, acknowledge & published in our presents
R. Webber . . . Jacob Sherrill

Codicil (dated 25 May 1832)
I James Gilmour, Sr. of Christian County and State of Kentucky being old and infirm of body but of sound and disposing mind think proper to change my will of the 25 Sept 1829 owing to the change in my son George Gilmour situation.
I give by this supplement will and bequeath to my son George Gilmour, all the property that I have devised to my grandchildren James L. Gilmour, John W. Gilmour, Alexander M. Gilmour, Thomas L. Gilmour, Robert B. Gilmour, Eleanor J. Gilmour, Mary F. Gilmour in my above mentioned will including the land and chattels with the exception of the negro girl Matilda, which I sold, and including the balance of the execution named in my former will, to him and his heirs forever hereby revoking that part of my will of the above date that relates to my above named grandchildren. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 25 day of May 1832.
[signature] James (his mark) Gilmour
Jacob Sherrill and Nathan Adams

Commonwealth of Kentucky
County of Christian - To Wit - I Abraham Stites the Clerk of the County Court of Christian County do hereby certify that this will and Codicil of James Gilmour, dec'd was on this day produced in Court & the said Will was proven to be the last Will of the said James Gilmour by the Oath of Augustin Webber a subscribing witness & the Codicil was in like manner proven as the law directs by the Oath of Nathan Adams being a witness to said Codicil & said Will & Codicil were ordered to be recorded - whereupon the said Will & codicil together with the foregoing certificate have been admitted to record accordingly - Given under my hand the 2nd of December 1834
Attest . . . Abraham Stites [signature]

Footnote:  This is the Last Will and Testament of 1829 and the Codicil for my ancestor,
James Gilmour who was born in Lancaster County, PA on 17 January 1745 and who died
in Christian County, KY on 18 January 1834.
Ron Stephens

Submitted by Ron Stephens

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