Will of James Crabtree

In the name of God, Amen. I James Crabtree of the county of Christain and state of Kentucky being of sound mind and judgement and being aware of the uncertainty of life make this my last Will and testament.

First: I desire after my decease that my funeral expenses shall be paid out of my money on hand or so much of my means as may be requisit.

2ond: That all my just debts shall be paid.

3rd: That all my property, negroes, land and stock and every other (species) go to my beloved wife Margaret Crabtree during her natural life to be disposed of in any way she may choose except the negroes which I desire shall be free at the death of my wife Margaret.

4th: After the death of Margaret, I desire that my negroes: Hannah, Caroline, Joseph and Susan shall have fifty acres of land off the south part of the (survey) on which I now live. I further desire that they shall have one hundred dollars worth of property in addition of the land above specified.

5th: Should Margaret die before Caroline, Joseph, and Susan reach 21 years of age--I desire that one or all of them being under that age at Margaret's death should be bound out until they are twenty-one years old and that Joseph be bound out to a good man to learn a trade.

6th: I desire that each of my brothers: Isaiah Crabtree; Benjamin Crabtree; John Crabtree; Thomas Crabtree or his heirs; William Crabtree; also my sister Sarah Stuart shall each have one dollar cash from my estate.

7th: That each of my wife Margaret's brother and sisters or their heirs shall have one dollar in cash from my estate. William Crabtree heirs one dollar, Thomas Crabtree one dollar, (Emsley) Crabtree one dollar, Martha Crabtree one dollar, Elizabeth (Willbourn) one dollar, Darcas (Barked?) one dollar.

8th: After the death of my beloved wife Margaret, I desire that Thomas W. Crabtree shall have the balance of my land after deductint out the 50 acres above specified and that my wife Margaret dispose of the balance of the property as she may choose.

9th: I desire that James Crabtree Jr. and W. B. B. (isn't legible) be my executors and that they carry matters into affect as above specified. November 22, 1855

James Crabtree, Sr.

Wm Crabtree
James Crabtree

Having by the fourth clause of my will to which this is a codicil emancipated all my negroes and their increase. it is still my desire they be free at the death of my wife and in case the law of the State should prevent them from having their freedom as provided for, that my executor or any other poerson who may administer with the (annexed) take them and their increase to some free state at my expense, where they shall be free.

Submitted by: Helen Keusch

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