The town of Herndon was named for Captain Tom Herndon
who was a Confederate Veteran and a Clarksville Wholesale Grocer.

Captain Tom Herndon
Captain Tom Herndon

Herndon L & N Railroad Station, circa 1890
Indiana, Alabama, & Texas (I. A. & T) Railroad building  northwestward from Howell reached the Dover Road (present day LaFayette Road).  The town was first called Organette, the name was changed to Herndon on June 26, 1885.  The Herndon L & N Railroad Station was built in the fall of 1885.  The I. A. & T. Railroad was of narrow guage, only 36 inches.  It was later widened to 4 ft. 9 inches.  The line was completed to Princeton on December 1, 1887, designated the C & P Branch.  Throughout the life of this line, Will V. Buckberry was conductor and John R. Martin served as Engineer.  The last train run made through Herndon was May 13, 1933.  The railroad bed became Kentucky Highway 117 in 1934.  The Station was torn down about 1945.

Dawson & Keatts General Store, circa 1928
Group from L to R:
Virginia Gilliam, Oliver Pace, Ruth Keatts, Feliz Darnall, Margaret Davie, James Gilliam, John Henry Fleming, Cap Dawson, Zeke Morris, John Darnell, Richmond Pace, Will Keatts, a salesman and Roy Mobley.


Futrell's Blacksmith Shop and Garage, circa 1930

Futrells Blacksmith Shop and Garage was operated by Lanice Futrell from 1906 until it burned October 28, 1941.  "The Crew" from right: Zeke Morris, Marietta Futrell, Helen Futrell, Lanice Futrell, John Darnell, Fred Feise and his son, John Henry Fleming and two unidentified boys.

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Photos used with permission of William Turner, Historian