About 1793, Samuel C. Davis emigrated from Georgia and settled in Kentucky in the present community of Fairview.  Here he built a log residence on the spot of ground which the Bethel Baptist Church now stands.  Davis opened and kept a wayfarers rest and established the Davisburg post office October 1, 1802.  Years later the place was called Georgetown for George Nichols, the first merchant there.  Col. William Morrow initiated the incorporation of the town of Fairview February 6, 1846.  Confederate President Jefferson Davis and hospital benefactor Dr. Edward Stuart are well known men from this community.
Wayfarers Rest 1886
Birthplace of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, June 3, 1808.
Home of Samuel C. and Jane Cook Davis.  This landmark was town down in 1886 and Bethel Baptist Church built on the site.  A replica was built on the grounds of Jefferson Davis Park and dedicated October 19, 1924.

Fairview, KY 1910
Fairview 1910
Photo Courtesy of Janet Daily

Original Entrance to 
Jefferson Davis Park, 1909

Jefferson Davis Monument

Construction on the monument took about seven years (June 1917- June 1924) and cost $200,000 to build.  The funds were collected by Confederate veterans and United Daughters of the Confederacy. Samuel F. Crecelius, Sr. of Louisville was the Engineer and George R. Gregg of Louisville was the Contractor.   
Jefferson Davis Monument
Dedication Day for Jefferson Davis Monument

June 7, 1924 was Dedication Day for the Monument.  David Wright placed a metal cap on top ofthe monument that day.  Built of Kentucky limestone, it is the tallest concrete monument in the U.S.  The shaft is 351 feet high; 30 stories high;  35 X 35 feet at the base; it rests on 19 feet of concrete on a limestone foundation.  An electric elevator was installed in 1929.

The finished monument! 
Pictured here on Dedication Day, June 7, 1924.

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Fairview is also home to 
Bethel Baptist Church
Fairview Methodist Church
Fairview Cumberland Presbyterian Church

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