Lawyer's Picnic, Campbell's Cave, July 9, 1908
  1. C. O. Prowse, Lawyer
  2. Ed Claiborne,Contractor
  3. Tom Winfree, Constable C.C.
  4. Herman Southall, Lawyer
  5. W.R. Wicks, D.C.C.C.C.
  6. Frank Rives, Lawyer
  7. S. Y. Trimble, Lawyer
  8. John e. Byars, Lawyer
  9. Denny P. Smith, Lawyer
  10. J.T. Hanbery, Lawyer
  11. Hunter Wood, Jr., Lawyer
  12. M. L. Elb, Merchant
  13. John Stites, Lawyer
  14. Thomas P. Cook, Lawyer
  15. David Smith, ex-Sheriff of C.C.
  16. Col. Jouett Henry, Ky. State Guards
  17. C. R. Clark, Clk. Christian Circuit Court
  18. Feland Clark, D.C.C.C.C.
  19. H.W. Tibbs, City Clerk
  20. W. P. Winfree, Lawyer
  21. John C. Duffy, Lawyer
  22. J. T. Edmonds, Lawyer
  23. Bob Baker, expert on barbequed meat
  24. W. T. Tandy, Banker
  25. Edgar Renshaw, Deput Sheriff
  26. Walker Wood, Propr. Ky New Era
  27. H W. Linton, Lawyer
  28. T. J. McReynolds, Banker
  29. C. M. Meacham, Mayor of Hopkinsville
  30. John M. Renshaw, Sheriff C.C.
  31. John P. Prowse, ex-County Clerk of C.C.
  32. Hunter Wood, Sr. Lawyer
  33. W. T. Fowler, Lawyer
  34. W. W. Johnson, Jailer C.C.
  35. Hancock Higgins, Druggist
  36. Will Moore and Eph Gunn, Cooks

* - A History of Christian County Kentucky - by Charles Mayfield Meacham

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