October 16, 1925
Former Trigg Countian Loses Wife In Illinois
Bereavement Comes To George Wills Who Has Sister In Trigg
Mr. George Wills, a native of Trigg county who left the county in 1872 when a lad, and who lives at Spring Garden, Ill., writes to relatives here that he lost his wife on Friday October 16th. Death took place in St. Louis at the home of a son. She was about sixty two years of age and was a Miss Peobles before her marriage to Mr. Wills.
Mrs. Carroll Thomas, of the Donaldson section is a sister of Mr. Willis and Esq. W. J. Bridges a brother in law, Mrs. Bridges being a sister. Mr. Wills has many other relatives in Trigg county who will sorrow with him in his bereavement. The late Jack Wills was a cousin.
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