Last Thursday week, Mrs James Wilkerson living in Fulton county was brutally murdered by her step daughter, Sarah Wilkinson. (?)
The instrument used was a weeding hoe. She was bending over a tub washing when her step-daughter slipped up from behind and dealt her several blows on the head until she had split the skull in several places.
The victim did not live but an hour. The murderess crossed the Kentucky and Tennessee line that night and reached Union City about 4 o'clock next morning. Thence she went South. It was afterwards learned she had reached relatives in Alabama, and the latest, May 12, that she had been arrested and was on her way back to Kentucky.
It is bad enough for men to kill one another, but when women get at it, it's a shame and a disgrace. The causes which led to its perpetration have not been made known.
Fulton County
Hopkinsville New Era May 1886

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