Henderson - The body of a 22 year old Sebree, Ky., man was found alongside Highway 41-A near here today, and murder is suspected.
He was identified as Frankie Deon WHITNEY an employee at Whirlpool Corporation in Evansville. He had worked on the assembly line at Plane 2.
Sheriff Cleo Gish said he thinks WHITNEY was shot and believes it was murder. He said there were wounds on his hips and legs and bruises all over his body. There are indications he had been dragged, the sheriff said.
A policeman said WHITNEY body had eight or nine puncture wounds apparently caused by an ice pick pr a 22 caliber gun.
Front of Old Club
Corner Fred Allen Tapp has ordered an autopsy. He said He said an inquest will be geld this afternoon immediately after completion of the autopsy if the autopsy shows need for it. Sheriff's deputies picked a suspect up in Sebree this afternoon and brought him here for questioning. The suspect was idenfieded as a man. The body was discovered shortly before 7 a.m. today about 20 feet off the highway and in front of the Hollywood Club, south of Henderson. The Club has been closed for years.
Mrs. Huston Shuttleworth who lives across the highway from the club, saw the body and called sheriff's office to the scene. Mrs. Schuttleworth also found the body of William A. "Curley Shelton , murdered television hill billy singer, in the same parking lot of the same club Dec 5, 1957. The murder of Shelton, who was badly beaten, has never been solved. Sheriff's Deputy Ira Bridges, first officer on the scene, said Whitney was lying on his right side. He added that there was some blood around one ear.
Car Found
Tapp said WHITNEY had been dead about 6 hours. WHITNEY wallet was found on the body but had no money in it. The car Whitney is believed to be have been using was found later at the Edgewood Club, which is a short distance from the Hollywood Club. It is registered in the name of his mother, Mrs. Geneva (GATES) CORBETT, of Sebree.
Seen Leaving With Pair
Whitney was reported being seen in Sebree between 8:30 and -- last night and later was seen leaving Sebree in the company of two other Sebree men. Offers here today split up into three teams composed of City abd state police and sheriff's officers and began running down leads in the case. Questioning of one of the waiters of the Edgewood Club, Malcolm Hite, revealed today that Whitney was at the club last night along with two other Sebree men. Questioning of Hite and others disclosed that Whitney left the Club to put some beer in the his car. When he failed to return, the two men left the club and returned a short time later and said Whitney was not there. The two remained in the club until it closed.
Contacted by telephone today in Sebree, Lloyd Majors, employee of a Shell service station there, admitted that he was with WHITNEY at the Edgewood last night. He said the other man also was with them but he declined to identify the man. He said he had given his statement to officers today and declined future comment.
WHITNEY grandmother, Mrs. Lula GATES was reported brought to Methodist Hospital here today for treatment for shock after learning of her grandson's death. His stepfather had just returned from the hospital only yesterday.
James M. Lynch, school principal, said today that Whitney was a well-liked pupil whom he had known personally since Frankie was in the sixth grade.
Outstanding Athlete
While as average student, he was an outstanding athlete, Lunch said, having been on the varsity basketball team for three years. He was a graduate in 1956. Since then he had played with the Sebree Independent baseball team, Lynch said
Surviving, besides the mother, Mrs. Leroy Corbet, is the stepfather, two half brothers and grandmother, Mrs. Lula Gates. The body will be at Springdale Funeral Home in Sebree. (1938-1960 buried in Springdale Cemetery, Henderson Gleaner, Evansville Press, Sebree Banner)( by Tom Blackburn, Press West Kentucky Bureau)


Percy Whitney Dies Near Cumberland
Percy WHITNEY, son of Mr and Mrs Waymon WHITNEY, died at his home in Cumberland in the Cumberland Church vicinity last Saturday afternoon following a long illness.
He is survived by a wife and three children, his father and
mother, three sisters, namely, Mrs Arnold JONES, Mrs Paze KNIGHT and Mrs Felix WILLIAMS and several other relatives.
The funeral was conducted Sunday afternoon by Rev. Audrey Meecham, and the remains were laid to rest at the Long Creek Church graveyard.Apr 11, 1940 - Cadiz Record


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