Sudden Death of T.W. Weller
Mr. Thomas We. Weller, of Louisville, Ky., arrived in this city Saturday afternoon last, on the 5 o'clock train, in an unconscious condition.
He left Paducah Saturday morning and went to Madisonville, and, after transacting his business at the latter place, took the train for this city. He was conveyed to the Phoenix hotel and a physician at once summoned.
Mr. Weller was either suffering from a sunstroke or overheat. He rested badly all Saturday night and despite the strenuous efforts of his doctors, died Sunday morning at about 9 o'clock.
He was related to Mr. Eugene Wood, Mrs. D.M. Taylor and others in this city.
His wife is in Alabama on a visit, and being ten or twelve miles from a telegraph station it will take some little time to hear from her in regard to the disposition of the remains.
Mr. Weller was connected with the agricultural house of Bennan and Co., Louisville, and was on the road making settlements for his house when he met with his misfortune. Among the effects of Mr. Weller was found $135 in money, a gold watch and chain, and an accident policy for $5,000 besides his private papers. The remains at present are at the undertaking establishment of Mr. Geo. G. Thompson.
Hopkinsville New Era
Jul 1887

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