William Boyd Wash Dies Saturday
Well Known Former Trigg Countian Dies At Hopkinsville
Brought Back to Old Home for Burial
The Rev. Charles I. Stephenson, pastor of the Ninth Street Christian Church and the Rev. William S. Hill, rector of
Grace Episcopal Church, conducted the last rites Monday morning at ten a.m. January the twelfth at the Harton
Funeral Home for William Boyd Wash who died at the Hotel Latham, Saturday at midnight.
Mr Wash was born at Wallonia, June the eleventh 1878, on the farm and in the home now owned by W.C. Broadbent, and was the son of the late J E. Wash and Nancy Boyd Wash, pioneer settlers his great grandfather Boyd coming here from the state of Virginia prior to 1828. Since that period his family has had its constructive and outstanding influence in the financial, civic, economic and agricultural life of the county.
He entered Major Ferrell's School for Boys at Hopkinsville at the age of fourteen, later going to Bethel College at Russellville. After two years in Bethel he took up his collegiate work at Vanderbilt University. He was a member of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. His first business connection was with the American Tobacco Co, at Mayfield, serving with this concern only one year. Later he became connected with the General Foods Corporation and for thirty years worked with some branch of the same corporation and was located at various times in Texas at Fort Worth, Dallas and Chicago, IL. He dealt only with the wholesales as a
representative of the firm now known as General Foods. The last six months his headquarters were in Nashville, Tn.
His territory was in Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida. Four years ago after a severe
attack of pneumonia he developed an asthmatic condition and from that time he was never free from pain. While in
Chicago Christmas where he had gone to attend the meetings of the wholesale salesmen of his firm he was taken ill
and the first week in January he came to the Hotel Latham to rest for a period before leaving for El Paso, Texas,
where he hoped in a few months to recover his health. He was never able to make the trip. His wife, Mrs Stella
Ragsdale Wash, preceded him to the grave. One sister, Mrs Claude Wadlington of Julian community survives him. He
resided at Hopkinsville at various times of his life where he had friends loyal to the last.
His body at his request was brought back to Cadiz Monday and interred in the family plot at East End Cemetery. Active pallbearers were: M.A. Mason, Emmett Hooser, J.D. Haywood, Vitus Gates, Hopkinsville, Edison Thomas and John Thompson, Cadiz.
Honorary pall bearers were: Walter Wilson, John Hodge, J.K. Hooser, Kelly Landis, P.C. McConnell, Morgan Boyd,
Clarence Boyd, Hopkinsville and J.N. Holland, Cadiz. Many of his Hopkinsville friends came with the remains to
Also evident of his wide field of friends were two carloads of colored employees of the Latham hotel some of whom had attended him during illness there. Those of us who lives were connected with his from the first to the last know that among the prime qualities of his life, one was to give pleasure, another was to "share" and that no malice
every found lodging place in his heart. Many tales we could recount of deeds which demanded his time and attention
and which were performed without any other recompense than the happiness which rewards acts of generosity and
kindness. Cadiz Record Mar 1940

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