W. B. "Tip" Vowell


August 15, 1907
Ernestine, the little year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Vowell of this
place, died last Thursday morning about three o'clock after an illness of
several weeks.  Burial in the Malone Graveyard about 3 miles west of town.
Cadiz Record
Betty Sellers

W. B. "Tip" Vowell
January 2, 1925
Long Illness Fatal To Mr. "Tip" Vowell
Was Native of Old Virginia But Lived In Trigg Since Fourteen
Mrs. Treichel of Cadiz One Of Seven Children Who Survive Him
Mr. W. B. Vowell, a well known old citizen of the county, died lat Friday afternoon about 1:30 o'clock at the home of his son, Mr. Feland Vowell, a mile east of Cadiz.
Mr. Vowell had been in feeble health since last May, and while he had been up much of this time, he continued to grow more feeble and the end was not unexpected. Infirmities incident to advanced years caused his death.

Mr. Vowell was born at Clarksville, Va., in 1841, and at the age of fourteen he came to Trigg county where he had since resided. One brother, Mr. Thomas Vowell, lived in Hopkinsville.

He was married when a young man to Miss Kathrine Malone. A large family of children were born to the union, and the family lived many years three miles west of Cadiz. The wife died six years ago, and the following children survive him: Mrs. F. F. Treichel, of Cadiz; Mrs. Joe H. Terrell, Mr. Haywood Vowell of the Long Hollow section, and Mr. Feland Vowell, near Cadiz; Mrs. Ed Berry of Nashville; Mrs. Henry Berry, of Hopkinsville, and Mr. Perry Vowell who resides near Julien in Christian county.

Mr. Vowell was a quiet man, and lived the simple life, being with his children most of the time during his last years, but he had many friends and was held in high esteem by them all.

Burial took place Saturday afternoon at the Malone grave yard, three miles west of Cadiz where the wife and other loved ones had been buried. Short funeral services wee held at the grave and a number of friends were present.

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