Adella V. (or N.) SUMNER

KY Death Record # 14436 1927

Born: Aug. 30, 1859 in Trigg County, KY
Died: June 2, 1927 at Home in Trigg County, KY
Aged: 67y 9m 27d
Cause of Death: Cardiac Dropsy
Informant: Clancy C. PRYOR of Lafayette, KY
Father: Johnathan PRYOR b. Trigg County, KY
Mother: Francis CAMPBELL b. Virginia


CHARLES ROBERT SUMNER, for many years a resident of Trigg county died at hopkinsville last Wednesday.
Mr. Sumner was born in Trigg county Jul 28 1854, and was the only son of JOHN AND TERECE SUMNER, early settlers of
Trigg county. There were four children in this family, the other three being Mary, who married Henry Vinson,Alice who
married Tom Malone, and Terece Olive, who married George Lawrence.
Mr Sumner was married in 1877 to Miss Mary Noel. Six children were born to this couple, all of whom are dead.
At the age of 20, Mr. Sumner joined the Methodist Church
at Dyer's Chapel. Later he moved his membership to the Methodist church at Cadiz, and was a regular attendant as long as he was able. The last few years of his life Mr. Sumner was in failing health. For a number of years Mr. Sumner was in the undertaking business in Cadiz, and he was well known and respected by those who knew him.
Funeral services were held at the Malone grave yard Thursday afternoon and were in charge of Rev. C.F. Allen, pastor of the Cadiz Circuit.
Cadiz Record - 1935

In Memory of Mrs. Jane Sumner. ----  The death angel visited the home of Rev. Samuel Sumner on Oct.27, and took from him his darling wife. She was 41 years of age and the daughter of Mr. Webster Futerll. She was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church and was a true Christian. It is indeed sad, but Oh so true, that her loving voice, so gentle and kind, is now forever silenced.
Oh the sad, sad memories that gather around us of she who is now cold in death. How real death is, and the agony it brings to the heart is a sad proof of its reality. But let us remember that she is not dead but only sleepeth-that she soon will rise again to be with those she loved on earth. What a sweet consolation to those who are bereaved to know that she is forever basking in the sunlight of a blessed Savior's love, and that they too may someday be with her. It cannot be that our life is like a bubble cast up by the ocean of eternity to float a moment upon its surface and then sink into nothingness and darkness forever. We are born for a higher destiny than that of earth.    A Friend.

NOTE: Martha Jane Futrell was second wife of Samuel Sumner they married 1-25-1897 Trigg Co.. She was born 3-31-1865, died 10-27-1905.


July 29, 1927
Cadiz Record
Former Trigg Countian Loses Baby In Mayfield
Death Claims Baby of Boyd Sumner And Many Relatives Live In Trigg
Lewis Boyd Sumner, the four year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Sumner, died suddenly this morning at the family home on North Sixth street. He was taken ill with a complication of meningitis and ptomaine poisoning yesterday and died at 10:15 o'clock this morning.
Funeral services will be held at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the First Christian church with the pastor, the Rev. E. J. Barnett, in charge. Burial will be in Maplewood.
The pallbearers will be Willie Jones, Clarence McClure, Ray Heflin, John Crossland, Elbert Baldree and Alton Shelton.
The Sumner family resided at the home of Mrs. Sumner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis. MAYFIELD MESSENGER JULY 29
The father of the boy is a former Trigg countian, being a son of Lum Sumner, who now resides in Callaway. He has one sister and several brothers in this county, they being Mrs. Bob Bogard, of Linton, and Bub Garland and Clyde Sumner, of the southern section of the county.


Mat Sumner, 24 years of age and a son of the late James SUMNER and half brother of Ed S. SUMNER, of this city, was
shot and killed last Friday the 30th by Claude DIXON age 22, and a son of Bob DIXON, who lives between the rivers near
The killing occurred at the home of Sterling ADAMS, about two and a half miles below Linton, and near the mouth of
Donaldson creek. Clyde Sumner, the only eye witness to the killing, at the examining trial yesterday, gave the facts of the killing about as follows:
Mat and Clyde SUMNER and Claude DIXON all spent the night before the killing at the home of Mar Sumner's mother. Up in the day they went to the home of Sterling Adams, about a mile and a half away, when the difficulty first came up. The boys were all drinking, and Mat began to curse Claude. Adams asked Clyde to take Mat away which he started to do. He and Claude continued to curse each other, and both went out to the wood pile and there engages in a fisticuff. They were finally separated and Clyde took Matt off down the road toward his home. After going a short distance they sat down on a log, and Mar asked Clyde to go to Sam FordÕs with him. Clyde insisted that he go home, as it would be necessary to pass back by AdamsÕ where Dixon was and they might again get into trouble. After Mat promised not to say anything to Dixon, Clyde consented to go with him. Just before they got to AdamsÕ home Dixon came out into the road and both began to curse each other. Clyde caught hold of Mat to hold him, and finally threw him down and put his hand over his mouth. Dixon came out the gate with pistol in hand and told Clyde to get off of Mat if he did not want to get shot, as he was going to kill Mat. Clyde got up and started to Claude to stop him when the latter fired at Mat, telling Clyde not to touch him if he did not want to get shot himself. Mat then ran behind the corner of a stable and Dixon walked around where he could see Mat and fired again. Mat then started at Dixon who shot a third time. About that time they clinched and fell, Mat on top, and he began to cut Dixon with his knife. Dixon shot twice more, killing Sumner instantly. He was shot three times -- once in the stomach, once in the arm
or shoulder and once in the head. Dixon was cut three times, one gash in the neck being the most serious. Sumner was moved of the home of his mother that afternoon and the remains buried Saturday at the Blunt Turner grave yard. After the killing Dixon went to the home of Johnny ADAMS near by, where he was arrested by Deputy Sheriff Shoemaker Saturday and brought to Cadiz and lodged in jail. His examining trial was held yesterday. Only two witnesses testified--Clyde SUMNER,
who related the facts above stated, and Walker REDD, who testified to seeing Sumner after he was killed. Dixon did not go
on the stand, and Judge BINGHAM held him over, and fixed his bond at five hundred dollars. He claims self-defense. He has
not yet given the bond, but we understand he will do so in a few days. B.A. BURNETT represented Dixon, while County
Attorney KELLY conducted the prosecution. Dixon is a grandson of T.J. DIXON of Donaldson, and Ed ROSS of near
Golden Pond. The boys were cousins. Sumners' father being a brother of Dixons grandmother. Cadiz Record - Jan 05, 1905

Son of Eude Sumner Dead.  ---  Tommie Sumner died in Paducah Feb. 14. He was sick only a few days. He was about 25 years of age. He moved with his fathers family from Donaldson Creek to Graves County about twelve years ago. He was a grand-son of Tom Dixon, of Donaldson Creek. His mother, who died last July, was the first to break the family tie. He leaves a father, brother, and two sisters. I trust he has gone where all good people go.   R. S.


November 24, 1925
Long Illness Fatal To Well Known Citizen
End Came Tuesday Night To "Bill" Sumner On Donaldson Creek
Mr. William L. Sumner, a well known and splendid citizen living at the head of Donaldson creek about twelve miles south of Cadiz, died Tuesday night after a long illness. He had been in poor health for some years, and for several months past, his condition had been quite critical. Some character of lung trouble cause his death.
Mr. Sumner was near sixty years of age and a son of Alfred Sumner, deceased. Of a large family, his brother, B. Miles Sumner, is the only survivor.
Mr. Sumner was a Baptist, and a good man, and his death takes from the county a clever and honored citizen.
Burial took place yesterday afternoon at the family grave yard south of Cadiz.
Cadiz Record

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