Mrs Julia Summers (nee Boales) was born November 21st, 1855; was married to William D. Summers, of this county, in 1876, and died March 19th 1887.
Soon after her marriage she joined the Methodist church, and remained a zealous working member untilher last illness. She was not content to be a mere member of the church, but looked after the poor and distressed, was watchful of the needs of her pastor and his family, was every ready to visit the sick, and to talk to the unconverted and entreat them to turn to God. About two weeks before her death, her husband said to her, "If you should become ill, is your way bright?" She promptly replied, "Yes, I feel ready and willing to go whenever the Lord calls me." Her sister expressed fears that such questions would excite her. But she said, "No, it will not excite me." And as her husband talked to her of the many happy hours which they had spent together, and of the eternity which they would enjoy in heaven, she was as calm and peaceful as when preparing to go to church. Finally the angels came for her, and without one pain or struggle, her sweet spirit ascended to God who gave it.
Hopkinsville New Era
May 1887


Robert S SUMMERS, age 48 years living about three miles south of Sebree on Slaughters road, died Wednesday night of tuberculosis.
The deceased formerly lived in the Onton Country, but for the last twenty one years has been living in Utah and other western states. He returned here last February. He was a member of the Morman Chruch. Interment on the Onton Cemetery. A ------ survived. (1877-1925) Mom scrapbook

Miss Summer's Body
Arrives from Galveston and is Taken to Cadiz
The body of Miss Sallie Summers one of the victims of the Galveston storm os September 7 arrived in the city Tuesday and was taken at once to Cadiz for interment. The body was accompanied by Mr. Claud G. Fortran to this city and was joined here by Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Summers, Mrs. Ida Chappell, Mr. and Mrs. John Thurmond and Miss Lady Summers and other relatives of the deceased young lady. Simple funeral services were held at the grave. Rev. Strother conducting them in the absence of the pastor of the Methodist church. The casket was sealed and was not opened. Even the outside box was securely fastened and no attempt was made to open it.
Hopkinsville Kentuckian
September 1900

Remains Enroute
Will Reach City Today - Interment At Cadiz
Mr. J. O. Cooper received a telegram from Galveston, Tex. Yesterday, stating that the remains of Miss Sallie Summers had been shipped and would reach this city at 9:45 this morning. From here they will be taken to Gracey at 11:40 and from there will be carried to Cadiz. The interment will take place in East End Cemetery this afternoon. Mr. Claude G. Fordtran accompanied the remains from Galveston. A large crowd of friends and relatives of deceased will go to Cadiz to attend the funeral.

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