Floyd "Rowdy" SOUTHARD widely known in western Kentucky as one of Butler High School's all time greats of the gridiron
was shot and killed by Raleigh Young in the kitchen of the Young home in Princeton at 1:30 o'clock Wednesday morning.
He died almost instantly.
"He broke into the house and forced me to do what I did,: Mr Young said Wednesday. Only witness to the shooting was Lucy Ann YOUNG, daughter of Mr Young. Gene YOUNG, the son, was asleep in the house and did not awaken until after the incident, Mr Young said. No warrant was issued for Mr Young's arrest but Harry Randolph, a neighbor, was deputized by Mrs Mitchell Clift, Sheriff, to guard him. Mrs Rawleigh Young said "Rowdy" had been warned by Mr Young not to come to the house but that he telephoned Tuesday night, saying he was coming. She said Southard appeared at the front door and demanded admittance. Mr Young then fired several shots into the floor in front of the door, hoping to frighten "Rowdy" away, but he broke the lock off the door and entered, going into Mr Young's downstairs bedroom, Mrs Young said. In a subsequent 'tussle' "Rowdy" grabbed "Chickie", Mr Young's 16-year old daughter, and held her between himself and the father. He later loosed his hold on the girl and grabbed Mr Young. They went through the house into the kitchen, where the shooting occurred. Mr Young said he telephoned for the police when "Rowdy" appeared and Office Kirby Thomas went to the house, after first telephoning in an effort to get another officer to accompany him but arrived after the
shooting had occurred.
A coroner's jury at an inquest held by Coroner John Morgan at Princeton Wednesday afternoon returned the following verdict. " We find that Floyd Southard came to his death as a result of a gunshot wound inflicted by the hand of R.E. Young; and we further find that said R.E. Young at the time of inflicting said wound, was acting in his own defense and in the defense of his home.
"Rowdy's body was at the Brown Funeral Home in Princeton where, it was said no funeral arrangements had been made pending arrival of his father and mother, Mr and Mrs Floyd Southard, from Columbus, Ohio.
He also is survived by his wife Mrs. Jane Southard, Jameston, New York. Cadiz Record May 1944

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