February 20, 1926
"Buster" Simmons Dies At Seventy- Eight
Spent Most Of Life In Trigg But Passes Away In Christian
Bright's Disease Fatal To Man Survived By Wife and Eight Children
Mr. V. S. Simmons, a well known citizen who was long known to his intimate friends as "Buster" Simmons, died last Saturday night at the home of a son, Will Simmons, in Christian county, near Hopkinsville, Bright's disease causing his death.
Mr. Simmons was seventy eight years of age last October. He had resided most of his life in Trigg county and was the son of Mr. Tom Simmons who died some years ago.
The wife and eight children survive him. The living children are Will Simmons, of Christian county; George Amoss Simmons of Alabama; Mrs. Will Taylor of near Linton; Mrs. Neal Wyatt, of the southern section of the county; I. S. Simmons of near Linton; Arthur Simmons, west of Cadiz and Mrs. William Russell and Mrs. Tom Cox, of Cadiz.
Mr. Simmons was a man who lived a quiet life. However, he was a man held in high esteem by his many friends.
Funeral service was held Sunday afternoon and burial followed at the burying ground near the son's home where he died.
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