IN MEMORIAM.  ---  Again the dark angel of death has visited a home in our locality and has taken away a father and mother's darling --- little Gertrude Shaw.
  Gertrude, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.D. Shaw, died May 12, 1906, from the effects of paralysis after only a few hours sickness. She was spared the pain of death, and her last words were; " Oh such beautiful flowers; I must gather papa a bouquet!"
  Parents, it is natural for tears to dim our eyes, and for sadness to fill our hearts when a loved one crosses the river and enters the promised land, but you should find consolation on the thought that your child is not alone in that far land, but safe in the arms of Jesus, and waiting to welcome you home  with a bouquet gathered from the garden of paradise. She is only an anchor for your safety; a tie of love binding your thoughts and hopes to a better world. The Lord said; " Suffer little children to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven," so let us all bow in humble submission to the Lord's will.      Carrie R. Futrell


December 1924
Judge John D. Shaw Claimed By Death
Honored Citizen And Prominent Mason Passes To Great Beyond
Had Been Prominent For Many Years And One of County's Honored Citizens
Judge John D. Shaw, for many years one of the most prominent and most highly respected citizens of Trigg county, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Lucy S. Wilson on East Main street in Cadiz on last Thursday night, December 11, 1924 at 12:40.
More than a year ago Judge Shaw suffered what was regarded as a break down. For a number of weeks his condition was very grave, and apprehensions were felt that he could not recover. He finally got up and since lat spring had been able to attend to his business much of the time, and was able to be at his office and look after the matters as he had done in the past.
Some weeks ago he and Mrs. Shaw had decided to go to Florida, as had been their custom for a number of years, and spent the winter with their sons, Messrs. Rob and Wallis Shaw, of Leesburg. They had decided upon December 15th as the day of their departure.
Two weeks before his death, Judge Shaw suffered a change for the worse, and while hopes were entertained that he would be able to overcome the attack, all such hopes proved of no avail and he continued to grow worse until the end came peaceably on the night of the 11th.
Judge Shaw was a native of Tennessee, and was born in Stewart county on the 23rd day of October, 1845. He was the son of captain Thomas Shaw, one of that county's leading citizens, who had represented his county in the Tennessee Legislature, and who was one of the first men employed in running the Cumberland river boats.
Judge Shaw received a common school education and for a time clerked in a store and a warehouse and for two years was engaged in farming.
In 1867 he moved to Trigg county, where he had since lived.
Taking an active interest in the political affairs of the county soon after moving to it, he became a candidate for Circuit Court Clerk in 1874, and was elected for four terms in succession, holding the office for a period of twenty-three years.
Voluntarily retiring from the Clerk's office, he was elected County Judge in 1897. He served only a part of the term, and resigned to become the first cashier of the Cadiz Bank after its organization. He went into the bank on January 1st, 1901, but failing health forced him to resign on October 22nd of that year. For some time he lingered with what was thought to be a critical illness. He finally recovered and opened a law office and had since been actively engaged in the practice of law in Trigg and other neighboring counties.
In 1890 Judge Shaw was a candidate for Clerk of the Court of Appeals of the state, and while he was a strong candidate in the contest, the nomination finally went to the late Woodford W. Longmoore, of Harrison county.
For many years Judge Shaw was prominent in the political affairs of the county and this section of the state, and during all that time few men in Western Kentucky had a stronger following or whose advise in party counsels were regarded more highly.
In 1867 Judge Shaw was united in marriage to Miss Ophelia Wallis, daughter of Mr. Jesse Wallis, of Canton, and to this union four children were born. The wife and the four children survive, the children being Mrs. Lucy S. Wilson, of Cadiz; Mr. Thomas R. Shaw, of Hopkinsville, and Messrs. W. Rob and Wallis G. Shaw, prominent business men of Leesburg, Fla.
On November 20th Judge Shaw and Mrs. Shaw celebrated their fifty seventh wedding anniversary by a visit to Hopkinsville, where a dinner was given in their honor by the son Mr. Thomas R. Shaw, and Mrs. Shaw.
Few men ever enjoyed a more happy married life than Judge Shaw. He and the good wife always appeared to be sweethearts and whenever they were seen together they were seldom found apart except during business hours of Judge Shaw, there appeared that tenderness of true devotion that was often spoken of by their hundreds of friends. The affectionate regard of the children for the parents and the parents for the children was so very evident in this happy home. And if anything ever happened at home but happiness and sunshine it was never disclosed by any --- deed of any member of the family.
As a citizen Judge Shaw was the forefront of all movements that had for their purpose a higher and a betterment of the community. He was active in his church and had been an office of the church and Sunday school and a constant attendant upon all church services.
Fraternally he had long been a Mason and an Eastern Star. He had also been a member of the Knights of Honor, Chosen Friends and Knight of Pythias, but in his declining years he had demitted from these.
But it was as a Mason that he devoted most of his time in a fraternal way. Joining the order in 1874, he had ever since been active in all lodge meetings and enjoyed the fellowship as few men did. For sixteen years he had been Master of his lodge, and the first thirty two years after becoming a member of Cadiz lodge, where he joined in 1874, he was an officer all the time. He enjoyed the work, attended all meetings, not only of his home lodge, but of many neighboring lodges, and was attending the State Grand Lodge for many years, and in 1908 was one of two members of the committee not Past Grand Masters to frame the present Masonic Constitution.
He had raised more men to the degree of Master Masons than perhaps any other Mason in all Western Kentucky, among the number being the three sons, a grand son, Radford Wilson, the son in law, the late J. Scott Wilson, and the grandson in law, J. Noble Hall, of Hopkinsville.
He loved the order for what it stood for and taught, and practiced its teachings in daily life and walk among men. He enjoyed the fraternal spirit of his brethren, and was a regular attendant at all lodge meetings even when his health had failed him and he was really unable to leave his room.
Since coming to Trigg county in the year of 1867, he had been one of its most active and influential citizens. The personality of few men was stamped as indelibly upon the affairs of the county as his, and it can be said of real truth that the world was made better from the fact that John D. Shaw had lived in it.
Realizing that the end was nearing, Judge Shaw suggested many of the plans for his own funeral, and it was by his special request, that G. P. Thomas conducted the Masonic service at his funeral and burial. He also selected the pall bearers, who were J. J. Jefferson, H. M. Prather, a. F. Fraser, W. H. Hooks, J. D. Guier and T. W. Gunn. Mr. Gunn being the only one not a Mason.
A large number of friends were present at the funeral on last Friday afternoon and when was conducted by his pastor, Rev. David L. Vance, of the Methodist church. After the funeral, the remains were taken to their last resting place in East End Cemetery, the floral offerings being very numerous and most beautiful.


Josiah Shaw, a highly respected citizen of this county, died at his residence near Fairview Monday evening
Hopkinsville New Era May 1886

KY Death Certificate # 27725  Trigg County
Thomas J. SHAW
White  Widower
Age: 59 years
Birthplace: Trigg County, KY
Parents (not listed)
Died Oct 12, 1929
Buried: Hicks Madle T

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