Funeral Of Mrs Self Who Died Recently In the Far West
The funeral service to the memory of Mrs I.B. Self took place Monday in the Cumberland presbyterian church of which her husband was one time the popular pastor and of which she was the first organist.
And though that was more than a quarter of a century ago, yet the large number of old friends whoc ame out to the service despite the driving rain attested to the high regard in which the memory of Mr Self is held and the strong devotion still to their former pastor and their sympathy for him in his great sorrow.
Mrs Self was born and reared near Princeton, on the farm now owned by Mr George Pettit. Her maiden name was Hunter. Her father, Thomas Hunter, was one of the wealthiest and most substantial citizens of this county.
She was first married to Henry L. Holmes, of Princeton. He with the two children born unto them, died within two and one half years from the date of their marriage and before this young woman had reached the age of twenty years.
She was then married to the Rev. I.B. Self, November 1874, with whom she lived in the most happy conjugal relations until her death in their California home the sixteenth day of this month.
During her last years she was sorely afflicted, but we are glad to learn that her faith faltered not throughout her long and severe afflictions nor when she realized that
death was at hand.
The funeral service was conducted by her pastor, the Rev. M.E. Chappell, assisted by the Rev. W.B. Holmes, of nashville, who is conducting a meeting in the Cumberland Presbyterian church, and her remains were laid to rest in
our beautiful cemetery. A husband, brother, several nephews and nieces and a host of friends mourn her, not lost, but gone on before. Caldwell Co 1906

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