Young Wife Fatally Shot by Her Husband
At Henderson Sunday Nash Sands, son of E.L. Sands
former of Hopkinsville and a brother of "Johnny Sands", Saturday afternoon at Henderson shot and fatally wounded his fifteen year old wife, and then turned the pistol on himself and fired with suicidal intent but the bullet ranged up into his shoulder and he will recover.
He accused her of infidelity, which she denied. They had been married about three months and had separated five or six times.
Sands is twenty-five years old, and moved from here to Henderson, when a youth. - Hopkinsville News Era
Sands walked to police headquarters and surrendered himself, and claimed that he had been shot from ambush, naming
William Gibson, his wife's brother in law as his assailant. The Henderson Gleaner in report of the tragedy has in part: As Mrs Sands walked across the track her husband met her. Several persons who were nearby noticed that he held a revolver partly under his coat and clutched it in his hand. When they met he accused her having frequented the Henderson resort of Salle-Linville. The young woman called him a liar and slapped his jaws.. As she did so he whipped out the revolver and shot her down. As she fell to the ground he threw his revolver away, but went immediately and picked it up. He turned the weapon on himself and fired. Ever since their marriage only a few weeks ago the young people had failed to live together amiably, and had separated several times. Their last separation was on last Thursday. Mrs Sands acted as though she cared very little for her husband, but he was almost distracted in his affection for her. The young woman acknowledged that her husband was jealous of several young men of the community. Sand said that he gave her every dollar he earned, and that she was never satified with what he did for her. Before the first two weeks of their honeymoon were past their happiness ended and marital
misery took its place in the home. The child wife returned to her hearthstone of her parents, Mr and Mrs Christ Brenner, but was later persuaded to return to Sands. Several other separations and reconciliations followed, and then came the awful tragedy. Nash Sands lived with his parents in Princeton about twelve or thirteen years ago in the eastern portion of the city.
Caldwell Co - 1906

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