Hopkinsville New Era
Dr. Sandbach Is Heart Victim

Physician Stricken While in Automobile

Dr W.S. Sandbach, 64, former President of the Christian Co. Medical Society and Chairman of the Christian co. Health Department, died of a heart attack last night in his automobile on the side of the LaFayette Pike, about
two miles out from Hopkinsville after attending a meeting of the Medical Society here last night.

Another motorist saw Dr Sandbach's plight and called medical help from Hopkinsville. This was Dr. Sandbach's second recent heart attack. He had been in poor health for some time.

He was born in Harrison Co, Ind. and graduated from the old Louisville Medical School, and had practiced medicine at Pembroke since 1907, being one of the leading physicians of Christian county for many years.

Dr. Sandbach was a leader in the Christian county Medical Society, serving one time as President of rh society. He was chairman of the Pembroke School board, a member of the Board of Deacons of the Pembroke Baptist Church
and a leader in Pembroke community affairs.

Dr. Sandbach belonged to the old school; of physicians, which made the science of medicine in America noted through out the world. He was affable, and of a pleasant disposition

He is survived by his daughter Mrs. B.W. Harrison; and a grandson Bill Hardin Harrison, of Pembroke; two sisters; Mrs Luther Gentry, Litchfield, Ky; Mrs John Strasburger, Litchfield, Ky; two brothers, George Sandbach and Roy Sandbach, Slater Mo.

The Rev Gordon T. Greenwell, pastor of the Pembroke Baptist Church will conduct the last rites, Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home, with burial following at the Rosedale Cemetery, Pembroke

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