A Sad Suicide
The following sad story illustrates the weakness of human vows and purposes. Samuels was in this city several days and attracted all by his gentlemanly conduct. The Nashville American of Sunday tells the sad story.
E. Samuels the man who jumped from the bridge Friday afternoon, died yesterday morning at the City Hospital. The cause of his death was cerebral concussion. He rested well all night, an no one was alarmed at his condition. At 6 o'clock he ate a good breakfast and then went to sleep. Chief of Police Kerrigan and Major Kercheval from the first news of the occurrence have been receiving telegrams from St. Louis, where Samuels was a prominent merchant, to take the best care of the injured man and spare no expense. Major Francis was among the parties who telegraphed. The body of the unfortunate man was taken in charge by Mr. S. Combs and shipped last night to St. Louis. The cause of Samuels' jumping from the bridge to commit suicide was a broken promise not to drink, which he had made to his wife, as stated yesterday by The American.
The St. Louis papers speak of Samuels as one of the most prominent and popular members of the Merchants Exchange, and the community was profoundly astonished to hear of his suicide. He was a wealthy man.
Hopkinsville New Era
April 1887

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