Colonel Thomas Rodman


General John Rodman, of Frankfort, Ky., died in Louisville Sunday, of cancer of the liver, aged 66.
He was twice Attorney General of the State and occupied other prominent position. He was a brother of Dr. James Rodman and one of the best lawyers in Kentucky
Hopkinsville New Era
October 1886

Colonel Thomas Rodman
Hopkinsville Kentuckian
Dec 1900
Brother of Dr. Rodman Dead in Frankfort Aged 78
Col. Thomas Rodman, one of the most wealthiest and most prominent citizens of Frankfort, Ky, died Friday morning of a combination of disease after a prolonged illness. Col. Rodman was ----- and was born at Newcastle in Henry county. - * - Article illegible. He was a brother of Dr. James Rodman of this city. Dr. Rodman and Mrs. Jennie Rodman went to Frankfort Saturday to attend the funeral.

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