December 3, 1925
Train Kills Girl Whose Kiss Was Scorned By Man
Affectionate Greeting AT Depot Met With Contempt, Says Witness
HOPKINSVILLE, Ky., That Miss Agnes Roberson, 21 years old, department store salesman, affectionately greeted and kissed a man who stepped from a Louisville & Nashville railroad train early Monday morning a short time before her mangled body was found on the track and that he seemed indifferent to her caresses, was revealed today to the authorities by Jack Tandy, prominent Hopkinsville citizen, who was a passenger on the train.
Mr. Tandy is one of the owners of the Hopkinsville Automobile Company and son of W. T. Tandy, president of the City Bank & Trust Company.
Seek Jewelry Salesman
He said he recognized the bare headed, bobbed hair girl, wearing a gray coat, as Miss Roberson, as he had frequently received deposits from her when he was teller at the bank. His statement has set the police searching for George Duclothes, New York traveling man, said formerly to have been a jewelry salesman in Nashville, Tenn.
Miss Roberson had told her employer, S. Klein, and Mrs. Florence Swain, a friend in the store, that she was expecting a visit from Duclothes Monday and their engagement would be announced. She seemed in joyous spirits when she left the store Saturday night, they said.
Her widowed mother, Mrs. Minnie Roberson, and her younger sister Blanche, knew nothing, however, of Duclothes' intended visit and were not aware she had left the house until telephoned of her death.
Her Kiss Unreturned
According to Mr. Tandy, the passenger greeted by Miss Roberson neither returned her kiss, removed his hat nor released his traveling bag. Whether he reboarded the train is not known. No trace of the man has been found here.
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Ronnie "Peno" Roberson, 36, of Morganfield, died, Saturday, March 7, at 5:30 p.m. at the Welborn Baptist Hospital in Evansville, Ind., after a long illness.
Because of his small stature his father called him "Beno" when he was a child and later it was changed to "Peno," and he became known as that to all his friends.
He was born on Sept. 10, 1961, in Sturgis, to Edith and Raymond Roberson who both died in 1996. He farmed until he became too ill to work any longer.
Survivors include two sisters, Pam Berry and her husband Willie, of Waverly, Frances Roberson of Morganfield; two brothers, Stevie, of Morganfield and Larry, of Henderson; two nieces, Carrie Berry and Chasity Roberson; and four nephews, Scott Berry, Terry Roberson, Chris Roberson, and Stevie Raymond Roberson.
Funeral services were held at 1 p.m. on Tuesday at the Whitsell Funeral Home in Morganfield, with Rev. Dwight Jackson officiating. Burial was in the Uniontown City Cemetery.
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