Charles Phippen and Son Killed Near Dover, by William Cooley
Clarksville, Tenn., Dec. 8. -
News was brought here today of the murder of Charles Phippen and son, 18 years of age, at their home near Dover, yesterday, by William Cooley.
The full particulars could not be obtained. It appears that trouble among neighbors has grown out of the Goode cattle dealing affair. Phippen and son were accused of some connection with goods, who was charged with extensive cattle stealing and selling beef during the summer and fall, who skipped his bond and was lately recaptured.
Phippen and son in all events were arrested on some charge and had been to Dover to give bond for appearance in court. Phippen owned the old Stacker farm near Dover and had just returned home when William Cooley, John McCauley, and other parties were passing the house on the road.
What these parties had to do with the matter the reporter has been unable to learn. However, Phippen commenced quarreling, cursing McCauley, who dismounted to fight Phippen. Some one called Cooleys attention to young Phippen, who had his gun presented and that instant Cooley fired, one shot killing young Phippen and then discharged the second barrel at the old man, killing him.
Hopkinsville New Era
Dec 1886

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