August 19, 1924
Meningitis Fatal To Bainbridge Young Man
Family All stricken But Father Sits In Bed And Joins Funeral Songs
Says the HOPKINSVILLE NEW ERA of Monday: Thurman Wallace Overby, nineteen year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Overby, died Saturday at the home near the Christian - Caldwell line in the Bainbridge section. His death was due to meningitis, which followed an attack of measles.
The rest of the family, composed of Mr. and Mrs. Overby, another son and the son's wife, are all bedridden now with the measles. Notwithstanding his illness, thought, the father sat up in bed and joined in the singing of his son's favorite song when the funeral service at the house was being conducted. The young man was so much promise and popular through his entire section.
Burial took place Sunday at the Lander buying ground near Gracey.
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