Accidental Killing
Mr. N.L. Osburn, of Bennettstown, met with a fatal accident last Wednesday afternoon.
He was in the rear room of his store cleaning a gun when one of the barrels was accidentally discharged, the load entering the bowels causing his death in 30 minutes. The sound of the shot and his cries for help brought his wife to him in a few minutes from the residence a few feet away. She found him in dreadful pain and the barrels of the gun, detached from the stock, lying on the floor. He only had time to say it was an accident when he became speechless and death soon ensued.
He leaves a wife and one child, Bryan. He an insurance policy for $1,500 on his life, one third of which goes to his son. Monday Mr. P.D. Dawson was appointed his administrator and Mr. Ben McGee guardian of the child.
Hopkinsville New Era - Bennettstown Feb 1887

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