Another Killing in Logan
News has reached her of another killing to be chronicled in Logan's gory record.
Jack Mason and Jack Norris, two young farmers, lived near Mason's mill, in this county. There had been an old feud existing between them for some time, though there had been no open demonstration by either up to Wednesday night.
About dark that evening as Mason was driving along the road toward home, two men stepped out from the shadow of the fence and told him they were going to whip him, and approached him in a threatening manner. One of the men was Norris and the other a man named Barbee.
Mason was without any means of defending himself, and getting off his wagon on the opposite side of the attacking party started off down the road. The two men followed rapidly, and soon overtaking him one of them made a murderous asault upon him with a club. Mason had no weapons except an ordinary clasp-knife and opening this, he made a desperate thrust at Norris' throat. The blade entered Norris' neck just under his left ear making a gash across hiw throat about seven inches long, and inflicting a wound from which Norris died last night. Barbee, seeing Norris' throat cut almost from ear to ear, turned and fled, and went immediately to Adairville and gave himself up to the authorites.
Norris bore the reputation of being a respectable citizen when sober, but a desperado when drinking
Hopkinsville New Era
May 1887

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