Well Known Lady Succumbs After Long Illness
Mrs Bailey Mize Dies Friday, January 19, After Months of Suffering
On Friday morning, January 19, 1940, the death angel visited the home of Mr R.B. Mize and took from them their precious wife and mother, Mrs Kennie Mize
. Mrs Mize had been in bad health for some time, and suffered with more than one trouble.
She was born December 25, 1880, and was 59 years and 25 days old.
She professed faith in Christ early in life and lived a faithful life to those about
her. She was loved by all who knew her. At the time of her death she was a member of the Boyd Hill Baptist church.
She was united in marriage to Mr R.B. Mize July 25, 1897, and to this union were born twelve children, eight girls and four boys. Surviving are: The husband, R.B. Mize; Mrs Clarence Williams, Mrs Maynard Williams, Mrs Marvin Hall, Mrs George Joyce, Mrs Lacy Ricks, Mrs Chappell Bridges, Eugene Mize, Marie Mize, Edgar Mize. Also fifteen grandchildren, two sisters, Mrs Rosie Crisp, of Hardin, and Mrs Annie Cunningham, of Missouri, and one brother Josh Cunningham, Calloway county.
Rev. B.B. Boaz conducted the funeral at Canton church Saturday afternoon at 2:30 in the presence of a large crowd of sorrowing relatives and friend. She is gone, but not forgotten.
In the account of the death of Mrs Bailey Mize in the Record last week the name of Mrs Clarence Wiggins, a surviving
daughter was omitted Cadiz Record Jan 1940


A shocking and most distressing accident occurred last week resulting in the immediate death of a most highly regarded inhabitant of the county, when Robert Bailey Mize, a member of the well known Mize family, who has since the early days of this county resided in the Canton district.
The deceased was killed November 15, near 9 o'clock that
morning at Granite City, Ill, while crossing the tracks of the Big Four Railroad at an intersecting street.
Mize had gone to Granite City to visit a daughter and to meet his youngest son, who had just finished boot training, and was there on furlough visiting his brothers and sisters.
The tragic death occurred while Mr Mize and his son were going from the home down town. They stopped for a moment at the intersection to speak with the R.R. flagman on duty;
there were four or five tracks running parallel and the railroad flagman said to Mr Mize "watch out, step aside a train is coming." He evidently didn't hear what was said and moved in the wrong direction. The big freight came on and 36
cars passed over the body.
Mr Mize was born in Canton 72 years ago, on September 27. He was the son of Robert Mize and Narcissus Mize.
He was a member of the Canton Methodist Church since his boyhood but enjoyed the privilege of attending any and all Christian churches. Twice married, the first wife, was Miss Kennie Cunningham, who passed away some years ago. to this union he leaves the following children, Mrs Clarence Williams, Mrs Lacey Ricks, Mrs George Joyce, Mrs Chappell Bridges, Mrs Harold LeMasters of Granite City, Ill, Mrs Clarence Wiggins, Murray; Mrs Manard Williams, Trigg County, and Mrs M.W. Hall, Kuttawa, a son Edward Mize, U.S. Navy now on furlough and Eugene, who is with the 9th Signal Corp, and stationed somewhere in Germany. there survives also his present wife, the former Mrs Ollie Ezell, and eight step children, Frank Ezell, camp Hood, Texas, Mrs Harvie Thomas, Euwin Ezell, Mrs Ida Daugherty, Mrs Otis Lancaster, R.D. Ruby, and Lois Ezell of Trigg County. Also 16 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.
Jesse Ezell who was connected with the 35th infantry, was recently killed in France. The remains of Mr Mize arrived in Cadiz the 16th of November by train, and was conveyed by the T.H. Fuqua Undertaker, to Kuttawa, to the home of Rev. and Mrs M.W. Hall to await funeral services which were held at Canton, Baptist Church Saturday, November 18th at 2 o'clock. the Rev. J.R. Guess had charge of the services and the burial took place at the "Bob Tank Cunningham Burial Place" near his home town of Canton. Cadiz Record Nov 1944

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