January 8, 1925
Filmore Meredith Dead Near Caledonia
Splendid Citizen Passes Away After Five Weeks Illness
Was Forty Four Years Of Age And Wife And Two Sons Survive Him
Mr. Filmore Meredith one of the splendid citizens of Trigg county, died at his home near Caledonia on January 8th after an illness of five weeks from a complication of troubles.
Mr. Meredith was a son of Mr. Houston Meredith, of Gracey, and was forty four years of age the 5th of last December.

He was married just twenty one years ago to Miss Faulkner, a daughter of the late Charles H. Faulkner, and the wife and two sons survive him. The sons are Beckham and Harry Meredith.

Mr. Meredith was a member of Locust Grove Baptist church, and a splendid citizen in every way. He was a quiet man, but enjoyed his friends and had many of them. He was a kind and affectionate husband, a devoted father and a good neighbor, and in his death the county has lost one of its very best citizens.

Burial took place at the Faulkner grave yard near his home, brief funeral services being held at the grave.

The heart broken wife and other loved ones have the sympathy of many friends in their hour of deepest sorrow.


February 17, 1926
Houston Meredith Dies At Ninety Six
Aged Citizen Of Gracey Victim Of Fly After Brief Illness
Had Long Resided At Gracey But Years ago Lived Near Oak grove South of Town
Mr. Frederick Houston Meredith one of the oldest men in all this section, died at his home in Gracey last Thursday night at the age of ninety.
He had been ill but a week, and went to bed with a cold. This went into influenza and finally pneumonia, and this caused his death.
For a man of his years, Mr. Meredith had been a very active man, and continued to go about town and mix with his friends until taken to his bed with the illness that finally proved fatal.
Many years ago, back in the eighties, Mr. Meredith lived near Oak Grove, south of Cadiz and operated a farm at the time belonging to the late Col. Alf Thomas. Later he moved to the upper section of the county, and for more than forty years had resided in and near Gracey.
The wife, who was Miss Elizabeth Freeman before their marriage, survives at the age of ninety one. They were the parents of ten sons and no daughters. Five of the sons are still living --- Robert, Thomas, William, Joseph and Henry.
Mr. Meredith was a Union soldier in the war between the states, and after the war engaged in farming until forced to retire on account of age some years ago.
Funeral services were held at three o'clock Friday afternoon with burial at the Mark Jones grave yard near Caledonia.

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