April 5, 1924
Lingering Illness Fatal To Mrs. McCarty
End Came Saturday Afternoon To Prominent Lady of Cadiz
Member of Leading Family Had Lived Here More Than Eighty Four Years
Mrs. Mark A. McCarty passed away last Saturday afternoon at one o'clock at the home of her son in law, Mr. D. L. Grinter, on East Main Street.
Mrs. McCarty had been ill for some months, In fact she had not enjoyed perfect health for several years. When she took her bed some months ago it was realized that her condition was critical, and while there were intervals of convalescence, her condition had not at any time shown material improvement. Fourteen days before her death the family and friends knew that she was approaching the end. A complication of troubles incident to advanced age caused her demise.
Mrs. McCarty was a member of the well know Terry family of this place and was a daughter of Abner R. and Eleaner Dyer Terry. She was born in Trigg county February 27th 1840 and was thus eighty four years of age last February.
On the third of November, 1863, she was united in marriage to Edward T. McCarty. The husband died on November 22, 1869, at the age of thirty two, and Mrs. McCarty had lived a widow for fifty four years. The surviving children are Mrs. D. L. Grinter and Mr. E. T. McCarty, the druggist, both of Cadiz.
Mrs. McCarty is also survived by three sisters and two brothers - Capt. F. G. Terry, Mrs. Eleanor Hopper, Mrs. W. C. White and Mr. George A. Terry, of Cadiz, and Mrs. Mary A. Burnett, of Louisville, the latter of whom is past ninety four years of age.
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