April 1870
Another Victim of the Tornado
Capt. Robert J. Lucas, died at the residence of his grand-niece, Mrs. Ed Sumner, last Friday morning from the effects of injuries received in the destruction of his house by the recent tornado, which carried death and desolation into so many homes.  Capt. Lucas was one of the most influential farmers of the county, and a man of wonderful originality of character.  He was a native of Virginia, and at the time of his death had been a citizen of this county about fifty years.  Far advanced in years being well up in the seventies, notwithstanding the fact that his injuries were serious, it is thought that they would not have proven fatal to a younger man.  Few people knew the old gentleman who did not learn to love him for his genial, kindly disposition and great heart.  He lived all his life a bachelor until last summer, when he was united in marriage to a daughter of Mr. Lee Hall, of this county.  His wife survives him, and we learn is almost heart broken at the unexpected death of her husband.  We render the stricken lady and relatives of the deceased our real and earnest sympathy.

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