Good Man Gone Sudden Summons Comes to Mr John J. Light
Mr John L LIGHT one of the best and most honored citizens of the county died very suddenly near his home five miles  southwest of Cadiz late last Wednesday afternoon, on March first.

In company with his three youngest sons and John Spurlin
THOMAS, he had been engaged in building a plant bed all day and at the usual hour left their work and started home for the night. When they got within a short distance of Mr ThomasÕ home and just as Mr Light turned to go on to his own home he fell in the road. Mr Thomas and the boys were near him and rushed to him to render any assistance that might be necessary to relieve him. They found him in a very serious condition and one of the boys hurried to the home a few hundred yards away to bring the camphor which they thought might relieve him. The boy was gone probably five minutes and about the time he returned his father breathed his last, living only about six or seven minutes after he fell.

He never spoke a word after falling and never regained consciousness. His death was evidently due to apoplexy.

Mr Light was fifty seven years of age, and besides a
wife, who is a daughter of Mr and Mrs Stanley THOMAS, and ten children has many friends and relatives to mourn his  untimely death. Mr P.T. LIGHT, of Canton district, is a brother of the deceased.

Mr Light was one of the leading and most active members of Oak grove Baptist Church, taking an active part in religious works and had not missed a meeting of his church for many years.

In the presence of many sorrowing friends and loved ones, the remains were laid to rest on Thursday in the old family burying ground near his home. No man in the county stood higher in the estimation of his neighbors and friends than Mr Light and it will be a long time before another is found to take his place. Cadiz Record - Feb 1905

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