Mrs Eliza J. Leaman, died Sunday night at her residence on Third street.
The funeral occurred Monday afternoon and the house was left unoccupied the following night.
Yesterday morning friends of Mrs Leaman went to the house with the purpose of looking after her effects and seeing that things were put to rights about the place.
During the process of straightening up a bureau drawer was opened and the round sum of $6,500 was found wrapped in an insignificant looking piece of paper. It was not known that she left any money at all and the find was a great surprise to those making it.
Upon investigation however, it was learned that Mrs. Leaman had the money in a local bank until two years ago, when she concluded that she would rather have her wealth at all times under her eyes and it was accordingly withdrawn and has since remained in the house. The house was left open during the funeral and the discoverers of the treasure were almost breathless when they thought of the ease with which it could have become the prey of a sneak thief on the occasion. Mrs Leaman's only heir is a daughter of fifteen who lives in the city. The money has already been deposited in a place of safety. Owensboro Messenger.
May 1887
Hopkinsville New Era

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