Central City, Oct. 4, - Last night at Dunmore, 18 miles south of this place, on the Owensboro and Nashville railroad, O.B. Latham a saloon-keeper was shot and killed by an unknown man.

About half past 8 o'clock, Latham stepped out of the back part of his house and was standing near the door, when three shots were fired. Latham was picked up by his friends and died in ten minutes without speaking. Two chambers of his pistol were empty, but he could not have committed suicide as he was shot in the back. Suspicion points strongly to a man who lives in the community near Dunmore, and who, late in the night sent to Dunmore for a physician, saying one of his children was sick. The physician had not returned when our informant left. It is supposed the murderer was himself wounded, and wanted the doctor for himself. A woman is said to be the cause of the trouble Latham - 1885

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