Almost Instant Death Comes To Well Known Young Man

Charles (Chuck) KEVIL, age 25, shot and instantly killed himself at his home on South Seminary Street last night about 11:15 o'clock.

Details obtainable today concerning the deplorable event fail to reveal whether the shooting was accidental or intentional.

KEVIL, who was accompanied by his wife, Elizabeth Mann KEVIL and baby daughter, had just driven into the driveway at their home on returning from town when the shooting occurred.

Mrs. KEVIL with the baby in her arms had gotten out of the car on one side and Mr. KEVIL had opened the other door supposedly prepared to step out after taking a twenty-five calibre automatic from the dash compartment when the three shots were fired.  All three slugs struck the young man full in the left breast, and he toppled from the car, dying a few minuttes later after being removed to the house by neighbors who were summoned by his wife. He was a member of one of Princeton's most prominent families being a son of Mrs. and the Late J. R. KEVIL, and a grandson of the late George PETTIT and R. Urey KEVIL.

He was one of the city's prominent young business men having for the past several years operated the KEVIL Milling Company.

He is survived by his wife, a daughter, his mother, Mrs. J. P KEVIL, Three brothers, Pettit, Galveston, Texas; Robert and Ralph of this city, and four sisters, Mrs. John MORGAN, Katherine, who is attending Stephens College at Columbia, Mo.; Mrs. L. H. LOWRY and Louise. Funeral services will be conducted from the home of his mother, Mrs. J. R. KEVIL at 2:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon.



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