Died Near Ironton Eli B INGRAM, late of Lyon county, died near Ironton, Ky Tuesday night of this week at the home of his son, S.T. INGRAM, of old age. He leaves large family connection and a host of friends to mourn his loss.

He was interred Tuesday at the old family burying ground in this county with Masonic honors by Joppa Lodge of Eddyville of which he was a member. "Lyon Co Times" - Cadiz Record Jan 25, 1905

As the result of a boyish frolic with a gun they did not know was loaded.

Roy INGRAM was shot by his cousin, Twyman PUGH, near Cumberland Church on December 26th, and died on the 28th.

Young Ingram, in company with his mother, who is a sister of James PUGH, father of the boy who did the shooting, went to the Pugh home on a visit.

Monday afternoon Charley and Twyman PUGH and INGRAM starting hunting with a 23 rifle. They pranked with one another for awhile by snapping the gun which was not then loaded. They finally went into the hay loft, and about the time they were ready to proceed on their hunt, Charley Pugh loaded the gun, which the other boys did not know. Shortly after Twyman picked up the gun and pointed it at Charley, who realizing the danger rolled over in behind a pile of hay, and before he could tell his brother the gun was loaded, it have been snapped at Ingram, who was lying in the hay, with serious results. The ball struck him in the arm and went into the body. The boy lingered on till Wednesday, when he died, and the body was buried Thursday at the Blue Spring Burying ground.
Young Ingram was the son of the late "Max" INGRAM
and was almost 16 year of age. The boy who did the shooting was about twelve years old. Cadiz Record - Jan 05, 1905


The angel of death, the dark winged merciless angel, has again visited our home and left us so sad and lonely. On the 26th day of this month, by a terrible and unexpected accident, our darling Roy, only son and brother, was cruelly snatched almost instantly from this world into another. Oh, it is terrible heart rending to have him snatched so suddenly from us so young. He was merging into manhood, and mother and I were looking forward to so much pleasure in the future life with him. But it is all done now. Little Roy, has gone and he was all we had, and the baby, Oh, it was so hard to come home without Roy and to know we could never hear his sweet voice say mama and sister no more. It seems almost unbearable to have to give him up in such a manner, in the bloom of health, and to see him have to suffer so much. But one great consolation to us in our lonely hours is the thought that God knows best. He was taken for some good purpose, we know not what. So letÕs try to make his will ours. Loyd Roy Ingram was the only living son of Mrs F.P. Ingram. He was 15 years and 5 months of age at the time of his death, December 28, 1904. He was a good, affectionate son and brother, and although he was not a member of any church, nor had every made any pentence, when the time came for him to go he told me with a pleasant look on his dear face that he was not afraid to die said that God had forgiven all and he felt that he would be better off dead when out of his sufferings. He was spending Xmas with his uncleÕs family, Mr James Pugh of between the rivers, he and his mother, and while playing with his two cousins and all good friends to each other, was accidentally shot by the younger of the two, They having loaded the gun -- a 22 rifle and forgotten it. The boy, who was about twelve years old picked up the gun and pointed it at his brother with the words ÒI am going to shoot you.Ó His brother thought of the gun being loaded and jumped aside, but before he could speak the younger boy had snapped the weapon and shot Roy, the ball going through his left wrist and penetrating his left side just below the heart. The ball was, never located, but seemed to range downward and the result was fatal. He lived about 49 hours. Oh, his sufferings were untold, but he bore it all so patient never murmuring once, said he blamed no one, he knew Twyman did not intend to shoot him and that it was all a terrible accident and cannot be helped. This is twice death has visited our home, but theis seems the most unbearable of all. Only two of us left now -- mother and I, and was it not for my kind and loving husband to comfort us in our loneliness, it seems that we could not bear it. But we must bear up and live for each other and be ready when the summons comes to meet dear Roy and the other dear ones that have gone before in a better world. May God help us all is my prayer. Darling boy, you have left us You are gone and we are sad Darling brother, how can I do without you? You was all the boy we had. Although your voice we cannot hear We feel that your loving presence hovers near. God bless you brother we will meet you Where the skies are ever clear

Mrs Mary Thomas Cadiz Record Jan 1905


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