October 26, 1926
Cadiz Record
Old Citizen Goes To His Reward
Mr. Henry J. Hite Passes Away At The Residence Of His Brother
Mr. Henry J. Hite, one of the oldest citizens of the county, after a lingering illness of several years, passed away at the residence of his brother, Mr. R. J. Hite, near Montgomery on last Tuesday night.
Mr. Hite spent most of his life on a farm near Oakland in Trigg county. His wife, who was a Miss Barnett, died several years ago. Since the death of Mrs. Hite the deceased has lived in the home of his brother, where he was tenderly cared for by his sister and the family of his brother.
Suffering from paralysis he was bed-ridden, but so long as he was normally at himself he bore his afflictions with fortitude and patience. He had no children, and the only immediate members of his family living are a sister and one brother, who reside together at the Hite home near Montgomery.
The interment was at the Crews graveyard near Oakland church.
Mr. Hite was a man highly esteemed, having a high sense of honor and was a most consistent member of the Methodist church, holding his membership in the Oakland congregation.

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