A very sudden death occurred Thursday night in this city. Mr A.H. Heminger, father of the foundryman, Mr L.C. Heminger, was found dead in his bed at the latter's residence.

He was on the streets yesterday, and, it was thought, had a light chill last night. After the circus was over last night, the old gentleman complained of being sick at the stomach, and his son thought that he was suffering from the effect of quinine. He remained in the room with him until he seemed to be at ease, and then retired. Arising at 4 o'clock this morning, Mrs L.C. Heminger went into her father in law's room. She saw the had had thrown the cover off and was lying apparently asleep. She informed her husband, who went in an found his father cold in death. Rigidity had set in, and he had evidently been dead some three or four hours. Bowling Green Times 1885

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