Death of M.W. Grissam
The death of Micajah W. Grissam at Dawson Springs at 9 o'clock Monday evening will be a painful announcement to his many friends in this city and county.

Mr Grissam left for the springs about two weeks ago and while there was taken with a severe attack of dysentery. He continued to grow worse, until Monday evening when death came to relieve the sufferer.
The deceased was born in this country August 18, 1837. He spent the greater portion of his life near the place of his birth, but several years ago he moved to this city and entered the grocery business. He soon won a warm place in the affections of the people of Hopkinsville. Good humored, genial, easy of approach, he was a friend and a companion to all who enjoyed his acquaintance. As a business man he was successful. He was fair in the dealings and courteous to his patrons and necessarily he soon established a large trade. The loss of one so intimately connected with the business interests of Hopkinsville will be felt and deplored by those who have its prosperity at heart. One thing that marked him as a gentleman and a Christian was his charity. In conversation with him one day and more than six weeks ago he said, "I never gave to the needy but that I was conscious of a material blessing in return." He then gave an illustration saying that on one occasion he was called on for a large sum for some charitable object. He felt he could not spare the money from his business, but trusting in the Lord he made the donation. Soon the blessing came. Trade increased, and everything seemed to turn to his advantage. from all of this he had the spiritual wisdom to learn that sweet lesson. "The Lord loveth a cheerful giver."

Mr Grissam was one of the kindest fairest men we every knew. His devotion to his family was beautiful, the integrity of his friendships was undoubted, and his standing as a man of business, as a citizen and a Christian was such that all respected and loved him.

A large number of our citizens met the remains at the depot Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon his funeral was preached at the Methodist church by Rev. E.W. Bottomley, and the remains were followed to the grave by a large number of sorrowing friends. T
o the family and relations of the deceased we extend our heartfelt sympathy. Christian Co - 1885

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