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June 9, 1927
James H. Glover Claimed By Death
End Comes To Prominent Citizen And Retired Farmer At Eighty
Native Of Virginia Had Spent More Than Fifty Years In Trigg County
Mr. James H. Glover, honored citizen, retired farmer and gallant Confederate soldier, died at his home in Cadiz early last Thursday morning.
During his life Mr. Glover had enjoyed the best of health. However, for some weeks he had been troubled with a heart affection. He was kept at his home for some days some weeks ago, but had gotten much better and made his daily trips down town. Wednesday he drove down to the bridge where the search was being made for the body of young Delmos Joiner, and had been getting along better for some days.
He retired early Wednesday night and was awake at four o'clock Thursday morning. The family arose quietly and went about the household duties, not wanting to disturb his sleep. At breakfast hour some one went into his bedroom to call him, and he was found to be dead. He evidently passed away between four and five o'clock.
Mr. Glover would have been eighty years of age had he lived until the 19th of August.
He was born in Appomattox county, Va., on the 19th day of August, 1847, and was a son of A. P. and Mary Dickerson Glover. He came with the parents to Christian county in 1869. In 1872 he was united in marriage to Miss Sallie A. Terry, of Caldwell county, but also a native of Virginia. Three years later he bought what was then known as the W. W. Carney farm near Wallonia and moved to Trigg county, and had since made Trigg county his home. In 1888 he bought the Bingham farm adjoining the town of Wallonia and resided there until 1919. Late in the year before he sold the farm to Broadbent Brothers and came to Cadiz early in 1919 and had since resided here, living just east of East End Cemetery.
Mr. Glover had spent a very active life and was a farmer and very successful. He had long been one of the outstanding citizens of Wallonia section and gave active supervision of his large farm until he retired and moved to Cadiz. He was a successful farmer and stockman and was for years recognized as one of the leading farmers of Western Kentucky.
For twenty years perhaps he had been a director of the Cadiz Bank, now the Cadiz Bank & Trust Company, and held this position at the time of his death.
In his church life, Mr. Glover was a Baptist and was devoted to his church and its responsibilities. For a long time he held membership at Harmony, Caldwell county, but moved his membership to Cadiz when he moved here and was a loyal member of the local church when he died.
In his church life Mr. Glover was a Baptist and was devoted to his church and its responsibilities. For a long time he held membership at Harmony, Caldwell county, but moved his membership to Cadiz when he moved here and was a loyal member of the local church when he died.
He was a gallant soldier for the Southern Confederacy during the Civil War. He enlisted when less than seventeen years of age, the war then being half over, but remained throughout the remainder of the conflict, and was with Lee when he surrendered to grant at Appomattox.
When younger and more active he attended most of the Confederate Reunions, but declining years had made this impossible in recent years, and the last Reunion he attended was at Chattanooga some years ago.
He was the father of eight children and not a death had occurred in his immediate family during the more than fifty five years of married life.
The wife survives him and following are the names of the eight children, four son and four daughters: John Glover, of Springfield, Tenn.; Walter Glover of Caldwell county; Clint Glover, of Princeton; Mrs. S. B. Carneal, of Hopkinsville, and Lindsay Glover, Mrs. George I. Brandon, Mrs. Ida Jessup and Mrs. Marvin Broadbent, of Trigg county. He is also survived by one brother, E. D. Glover, of Little Rock.
Mr. Glover was a man of unusual character, intelligent and thoughtful, reserved in manner, but kind and considerate, he won friends esteem by the many who knew him. He was a splendid business man and in the activities of his life was intelligent in matters with which he was concerned and his superior judgment had much to do with his success in life. In his passing one of Trigg county's most honored citizens has passed from the walks of life.
A large crowd of loyal friends and sorrowing relatives were present Friday afternoon for the funeral service, which was held at the home at 3:30, and conducted by his pastor, Dr. W. E. Mitchell, of the Cadiz Baptist church. The burial followed at East End Cemetery.

Cadiz Resident Dies At 90
Mrs Sallie A. (Terry) Glover died at her home in Cadiz last Wednesday morning January 4th, having lived beyond the age of 90 years.
Mrs Glover was born in Halifax county, Virginia, October 22, 1849. Her parents William S and Sara Terry came to Kentucky when she was about 14 years of age.

She was married to James H. Glover, who died June 8th, 1927, on October 22nd, 1872. To this union were born eight children, four sons and four daughters, of whom one son is dead. The survivors are: John H. Glover, Springfield, Tenn, J.C. Glover, Princeton; W.L. Glover, Mrs Ida Jesup, Mrs George I. Brandon, Cadiz; Mrs Marvin Broadbent,Cerulean and Mrs Minnie Carneal, Clarksville, Tenn
The pall bearers were her five grandsons and grand nephew viz: James H. Glover, John Glover, Hopkinsville; J.C. Glover, Princeton, J.E. Broadbent and Marvin Broadbent, Jr; Cerulean and Thomas Wilson, Gracey.

Mrs Glover enjoyed good health during life up to about one year before her death. Due to a fall at her home from the effects of which she never recovered she was confined to her bed until the end.

Funeral services were held at the home of a daughter, Mrs George I. Brandon, and conducted by Rev. Bailey Davis, pastor of the Cadiz Baptist Church, of which she was a member. Burial followed at the East End cemetery. A large number of friends and relatives were present for the last rites. Many beautiful floral offerings were evident of the fact that the deceased was held in high esteem by all who knew her. Mrs Glover was truly a Christian; a woman of modesty and gentleness; patient in her long illness; a loyal friend and neighbor; absolutely devoted to the member of her family, her home, and her church.

Out of town people who attended the funeral Thursday of Mrs J.H. Glover were: Mr and Mrs H.C. Hilke, of Princeton; Mrs Minnie Carneal, of Clarksville, Tenn; Miss Sara Ellen Glover, and mother, Mrs E.L. Pickering, of Princeton; Mr and Mrs Bib Ferquin, Gracey; Mr and Mrs Thomas Wilson, Sr: and Mr and Mrs Thomas Wilson, Jr; Gracey; John H. Glover, of Hopkinsville; Mr and Mrs James Glover, of Herndon; Mr and Mrs John Minor, of Hopkinsville; Mr and Mrs I.C. Glover, Mr and Mrs Clint Glover, of Princeton; Mrs Alice Martin, Mrs Morris White, and Mrs Neely Bridges, Wallonia; Mr and Mrs Luke McChesney, of Princeton.

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