As He Slept, Death Came To Mr. GIVENS  - 1926

Former Merchant at Milton and Member of County Court Dies From Hear Failure Saturday Night at His Home. Found Dead by a Neighbor.
A death of peculiar sadness was that of Esquire A. P. GIVENS, a member of the county court and a widely known and popular gentleman, at his home in Milton sometimes Saturday night, at the age of about 70.
Death stole upon him after he retires. At what hour is not known. He came into his home in the early evening Saturday after doing the night chores. He spoke to his wife, a helpless invalid from paralysis, and complained of not feeling well, and retired beside her in bed. Apparently soon falling off to asleep. On awakening in the morning at a late hour she was unable to get response from her husband, but supposed he was merely sleeping. She was unable to turn to arouse him or learn the cause of his silence. Shortly after the hour of noon Sunday Mrs. Youree, as was her daily custom, came over to see how Mrs. GIVENS was getting on. She was greatly shocked when she went to the bed and saw that Mr. GIVENS was cold in death's embrace. A physician was called and he attributed a sudden heart attack as the cause.

Esquire GIVENS has spent practically his whole life in the vicinity of Milton and was for a number of years a successful merchant at that place. Recently he had met with reverses and has close out his business. He was for more than 18 years a member of the county court and was even for the interests of the county ans people and conservative, yet ready to vote for worthwhile appropriations of right and justice.

He is survived by his widow, Alecenia (KNOX) , now in the shadow of a hopeless illness, and one son, R. E. GIVENS, who recently located at Old Hickory, Tenn., Many testify to the fine qualities of heart and mind Esquire GIVENS and express deep sadness over his sudden death.
Funeral services were conducted at Milton Monday afternoon before a large gathering of kindred and friends. Buried at Milton Cemetery, Milton, Rutherford County, Tenn. (1856-1926) MoMs scrapbook


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